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BTW ...

I just got done sending a note to a guy I met through an eBay auction, when I bought some car parts from him ... he's in the military. I know that everyone under the age of 21 that knows me thinks I'm just so "all about ME." Well, I just wrote to this dude, whom I barely know, to THANK HIM for being who he is and where he is. And I think EVERYONE, regardless of whether or not they agree with the government, should do the same ... thank someone in the military JUST for being there. Because they are where they are, and doing what they're doing, WE don't have to, nor do our sons, daughters, sisters or brothers. This guy is the ONLY person I even remotely know that's in the military, but I feel it's important to let them know that ordinary people, people like us, appreciate the sacrifices they make.

I've heard people say, "Well, it's just a JOB, like any other job." Not true. There are few other occupations today that have as high a likelihood of getting you into harm's way than the armed forces. Some of these people leave for MONTHS at a time, without seeing their families ... their little ones grow up and barely know them, their wives give birth without them there, but they do it anyway - many because they feel strongly about what they are doing.

Moral of the story .... THANK someone in the military today. End of rant!

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