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Report from the "Big Apple"

Well, it seems the child is enjoying herself tremendously on her latest adventure. She's seen more beautiful, huge buildings in one place than she swears she's ever seen in her life ... went shopping at Macy's today ... sees CNN almost everywhere she goes, so feels at home ... felt like she was in a tornado at the Empire State Building, it was so windy ... visits Ellis Island tomorrow.

Evidently, they were psyched and "in the zone" during their warm-up to today's competition, but had to wait too long to perform and so kinda fell apart. They still had some strong points, though. Just not as sharp as they were hoping for, that's all. So, the rest of the trip is all tourism now, with that little bit of anxiety out of the way.

She said, however, that she's only seen two people even remotely "goth" in her travels. Poor kid, I know she was hoping to feel a lot more "at home" in the big city than she does in our little neck of the woods. I guess the really "goth" types just don't hang out in the usual 'tourist trap' areas in the big cities any more than they would in the small towns. She'll find her niche, somewhere, sometime. And I KNOW there are far more 'goth' types than she's seen so far, it's just that a high school choir trip isn't going to wander toward those areas on purpose, ya know?

I'm glad that she's enjoying spreading her 'wings' and expanding her horizons. I wish I could have gone too, but it's important that she experience things like this on her own. She needs her own, unique frame of reference for life and the world, and this is part of the way these things are formed, by going 'solo.' I can hardly wait till she gets back and we get pictures developed - I'm sure she'll be babbling non-stop the entire time we're going through them!

So, goodnight my Ja, wherever you are ... sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite ... and dream sweet Jabba dreams - mom loves and misses you!!

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