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Safe and sound ...

Despite being singled out by security at a New Jersey airport as an "orange" (supposedly 'random' search), my happy, wandering child is home safe, sound and in one piece. Mr. Hacker apologised for having to return her, but Mrs. Hoagland was just happy they got out of security with enough time to get on the plane. Evidently travel plans were switched at the last minute and some of the kids and chaperones ended up on a completely different flight ... I bet the poor woman almost had heart failure over that one!

It would seem, though, that a good time was had by all in Jessa's group, despite a few problems with security at stores, and a seeming need by some of her group to gravitate toward the tackier "tourist trap" type stuff. I understand that more of the story will come out when we get the pictures developed ... which will be tomorrow!! It should prove to be equally as interesting as her descriptions of some of the events. I'm just glad she got along w/her roommates ok and that she and her seatmate on the plane didn't erupt into violence. AND that she made it through security at the airport ... guess the trenchcoat and the goth look kinda makes them nervous in Jersey, huh? Oh well, safe and home ... just the way I like kid's trips to end.

Now to look forward to finishing school, graduation announcements, prom, graduation, open house and all that wonderful crap. I think I'll work on the taxes first ... seems I'm a tad behind on that. Then we'll go from there. At least I'll be able to get back on my meds after I see Harvey tomorrow, so I might be better able to handle the frenzy that accompanies the last of the school year. I do have to remember to reschedule my dental appointment, though - what with Jess leaving, my migraine headache and trying to get smokes to Maureen, I completely forgot the damn thing again! I bet I'm persona non grata there!!! Oh well, they get paid a lot whether I'm there or not, so I'm not gonna obsess over that too.

Instead, I think I'll go to bed, get a lot of sleep and get ready to take on the running around that must be done tomorrow. My kids are both home and safe, I'm home, MSK is home ... and that's IT! If anyone else wanders through my door in the middle of the night, they're in for a rude surprise ... I'm setting the alarm. Good night, world!

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