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Happy Birthday, my son ...

My sweet, sensitive, spoiled-brat, wonder-child turned 15 yesterday. He was absolutely, without exception, the SWEETEST baby and toddler there could ever have been .... I still shake my head at the changes. Despite being a very LARGE, very ANGRY kid, though, he is still so very kind-hearted and sympathetic to others (when he wants to be). Even the ones that torture him on a daily basis at school occasionally earn his sympathy - how's that for a kicker? Of course, most days, he just wants to kill them all in a particularly bloody fashion, but SOMETIMES, he can actually feel sorry for some of them.

We went to Outback this year, like we had planned to last year, but couldn't because of the ice storm. For the first time in almost the whole 15 years he's been alive, the SUN finally shone on his birthday. Geez, could shit start getting better for the kid? I can only hope! We had a great dinner, came home, and (in a change of routine), did presents BEFORE cake. That's because he wanted a 'twist' on his usual whipped-cream filled dark chocolate cake w/dark chocolate frosting ... I had to soak the damn thing in rum sauce first. I used the stupid cookbook to make the sauce, but it didn't turn out tasting as good as the rum cakes you buy in the stores. At least, I didn't think so - but everyone liked it anyway. Probably because I snuck a few drops of rum into the whipping cream I used to do the center of the cake. Hey, it wasn't like it was Bacardi 151 or anything like that, but it was ok.

Another wonderful thing happened (or didn't happen), in accordance with Steven's wishes. We had NO relatives visiting today .... and we had NO 'aliens' in the house!! The last one seems to have moved MOST of his crap and we are very, VERY close to having our home to ourselves again. It's a wonderful, liberating feeling to be able to run the washer at 2:30 am and not have to worry about bothering someone in that room down there. It's great to be able to do anything we want, anytime we want, without having to tiptoe around because someone is on a different schedule than our family. I had forgotten how many things we DIDN'T do because of sleeping basement-dwellers ... it's a relief not to have to listen to my kids bitch about it anymore.

Not that I regret doing what I did. I don't really REGRET it, but I don't think I'll be doing it again in the near (or even distant) future. I may have had the best intentions, but somehow I came off being thought of in much the same terms as the Wicked Witch of the West or something. I dunno - I try not to feel used and abused because of it - but its hard to do when I know what I was trying to do, but THEY couldn't see it. I know I was trying to help, but somehow I didn't help them the way they wanted to be helped. I don't think I can feel guilty for that ... but I also don't think I should be blamed for it either.

Eh, like Scarlett, I will think about such tedious things tomorrow because, after all, 'tomorrow IS another day!' Sweet dreams, world ... g'night!!

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