Thursday's Child ... has far to go ... (0nm10wn2feet) wrote,
Thursday's Child ... has far to go ...

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Welcome back my friend ...

... to the show that never ends?

Nostalgia sucks ass. Just thought I'd remind myself of that while I'm digging through all of last year's shit, remembering last year's events. Fuck last year, and the horse that DIDN'T come with it!

I'm tired. REALLY tired. And I have no idea why, but I think I'm gonna take a nap when I get home from getting the kids. This is another one of those crappy, gray days when I just want to sleep.

This is probably the briefest, most disjointed journal entry I've ever written, but it fits my mood today. Can't seem to settle in one place, can't seem to settle into doing one thing .... I give up.

Off to get kids, then home for some shut-eye. Then, maybe tackle the fucking taxes again .... what a fucked up mess those are! Life is GOOD!!!!

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