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Prom is today ... and my kid is nowhere to be seen?

She has a hair appointment in less than 12 hours and she hasn't even called for her ride home. AND we have to pick Jeff up BEFORE we go to get her hair done, so the poor schmuck can sit there and watch the "princess" get primed for the part. Woo hoo, big fun there, I can tell ya! THEN we have to take Jeff to get HIS hair cut ... this is turning into a far bigger "production" than I had anticipated. For some odd reason or another, Jess is suddenly all about doing the usual High School senior, end-of-school, bullshit that everyone else is doing. WTF?

I must admit, though, she's at least putting her own spin on things, with her "Bride of Frankenstein" black vinyl dress. It's a gorgeous, Lip Service dress, cost a frigging fortune (at least in terms of our living standards NOW), but it just isn't your usual "prom" dress. Oh well, at least she has a willing partner in wanting to shock and/or irritate all the preppy, jock, assholic types that usually go to prom. More power to both of them!

The doc's office called today ... after sucking 5 vials of blood, making me wait 2 1/2 hours in their office, and making me pee in a cup ... they can't figure out what's wrong w/my joints. At least it's not kidney disease ... I was sorta worried about that one. My thyroid meds aren't keeping the levels up, so they're bumping me up a notch - quite a change ... usually doctors want to put me on a LOWER dosage!

The pedigree research is really rolling right along. I can do 12 generations on just about any Quarter Horse, Paint or Palomino .. or Thoroughbred. That's a butt-load of research, when you realize that 12 generations entails a possible 1,024 horses! Lots of typing too!!! I'd like to be able to take samples to the local horse shows, but I haven't been able to concentrate SOLELY on that, with all this graduation crap hanging over our heads. And, since my kid hasn't seen fit to call for her ride home yet, I think I'll go take a nap, so I won't be so horribly cranky tomorrow ... something tells me I'll need ALL the patience I can muster.

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