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All's well that ends ... well??

Well, maybe not, but I am still hoping for that stupid fucking rainbow at the end of the tunnel!!! No, wait, wasn't that supposed to be a pot of gold at the end of the stupid fucking rainbow? Hell, makes little difference at the moment.

At least prom went exactly the way the "princess" envisioned it ... got tons of compliments and tons of raves for making the DJ play "Blue Monday." Her escort turned into a "pumpkin" and had to go home, but she went to a party at Angie's and hung out w/ a select few friends all night. She came home tired, but very happy.

This past week, tho, it seems that "Prince Charming" has turned into quite the clingy, needy soul. Does not bode well for the future, that's for damn sure! I hope she can get the point across to him that they really do have VERY little in common ... without sending the poor kid into an emotional tailspin. That's just what we DON'T need around here .. drama!!

Our lives, lately, have been so 'drama-free' as to roughly approximate BORING!!!! But, Nicholas still calls every now and then - like the night he was driving his boss in the limo around to the titty bars in Detroit. He yakked Missa's ear off, then when she got tired of hearing it, he called and yakked at me for a while. Actually it was sorta nice - reminded me of when Brad used to do the same thing. But Nik is a totally different soul; far too concerned with trivia and not concerned enough about the really important crap - or so it would seem. Actually, I suspect that part of the reason he keeps calling is that he needs to feel "grounded" somewhere other than where he is.

It's not that he doesn't LOVE Missa and Gideon, but he seems to have this need to talk things over with someone once in a while and no one else seems to fill the bill these days. Especially since Missa decided she had enough of Jess W's relentless LYING. It was sorta sad ... Nik called yesterday and made a guessing game out of the fact that it was his birthday.... I felt rotten. I keep confusing his with Trent Reznor's - they're only two days apart. If I put his on the calendar, though, I know he won't be around next year, so I'm resisting. I kinda want to hear how he's doing every now and then, since he was the first AND the last.

I heard, from Missa, that Brad is now working on getting his dad's old house in Pontiac. Boy won't THAT be the icing on the cake? The silly twit doesn't go anywhere now ... what's she going to do when she doesn't feel safe leaving the house?? It's a damn shame that someone as basically decent as Brad decided to tie himself to someone as fucked up as that girl, but we each have our own choices to make. God knows I've made some HORRIFIC choices, even at a time in my life when I really SHOULD have known better. So, who am I to judge poor Brad? Except to say that I deeply regret the loss of yet another bright, beautiful mind to the relentless mind-numbing rut that near-poverty will always bring with it. And with THAT nut case, he will ALWAYS be near poverty-level! C'est la vie, no?

Well, got some laundry to do and then off to beddy-bye for me. My ankle still hurts by this time of night, but I think I've taken care of the root of the problem on my own. I knew all that Excedrin was probably a bad idea, but it kept me running even on EMPTY. Eh, what ya gonna do?? Go to bed!

[hasta la vista o hasta nada, por supuesto]
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