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Is it wet enough yet?

Ok, let's see if this sounds familiar .... kids - sick, mom - sick, horse - lame, dad ..... GONE FISHING!!!

Yup, I think that about characterizes another week in my life ... that and the constant frigging rain/storms. It's actually almost funny, especially the way things unfolded. First, Jess came down w/a cold. Then it was Steven's turn. Then I got it. Then I had to go to the doctor for a recheck on this crappy joint problem I've been having. Got told I had to go for x-rays.

The very next day, I have to call the vet because Doc is not putting ANY weight on his right hind leg. Before I see the vet, though, I discover that the GTO will cost over $1,500 to put back together. Then the vet shows up and that's another $300. THEN I go to the feed store to get supplies (since MSK doesn't keep anything I used to have on hand anymore) and spend another whopping $200. But, of course, I don't tell MSK about ANY of it .... he's going fishing for the weekend and doesn't want to discuss ANYone else's problems. In fact, when he found out that the horse would have to be on stall rest for almost two weeks, his comment was "About time you got back in shape."

WTF?? I've got swollen ankles and knees and a stress-induced bowel problem, I'm being left alone to handle two LARGE mammals that I haven't really handled in over a year, but I "need to get in shape?" Has anyone ever handled a large muck bucket full of shit? Well, I haul EIGHT of the fuckers out of the barn on a daily basis when the horses are cooped up for 24 hrs at a time. Let me clue you ... they weigh over 50 lbs each, ok? As does EVERYTHING the monsters need .... feed, 50 lb bags; bedding, 50 lb bales of shavings; water, 50 lb buckets (or so it seems). It's funny, though, no matter how badly I hurt by the end of the day, when I walk out of the barn with them bedded in clean stalls with fresh water and food, I feel pretty damn good anyway. It's true what they say about the outside of a horse being good for the inside of a person (at least from my point of view).

Well, time to water the beasties and dump more shit buckets ... YIPPEE SKIPPY! Can't think of anything much more fun to do at the moment, know what I mean? Eh, it'll probably get better before it gets worse, though, so I shouldn't complain, right?

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