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Keep On Rockin' In The Free World ....

Not that I like that song so much, but it applies to the current mood. Unless the kids stand up, take notice, and are COUNTED (as in voting), there might not be a "free world" left to "rock" in. A very sweet, kind, pretty young lady reminded me that there are kids out there who are concerned about what's going on around the world and how it impacts us here.

As a result, I will extend my efforts to get the kids I meet to register and VOTE ... I will make it a point to ask each one if they have registered and/or voted, and, if not, would they like to learn how? What would be totally cool, though, would be for someone (entertainer, actor/actress, media SOMEBODY) to convince kids that voting, itself, is COOL. Kinda like Clinton did in his first campaign. Why should the Republicans have a lock on the youth?? Frankly, unless they've been indoctrinated from birth, it's been my experience that most kids are FAR more liberal than their parents. I was getting worried because I was seeing and hearing about so many staunch Republican automatons .... but that lovely young lady and her friends reminded me that I've only been seeing the media side of things.

There's a LOT more kids out there who have the same opinions that they share, if only they could be convinced to VOTE. I think I'll cogitate on that for a while and see if I can come up with some scheme or another to get the 'yutes' participating fully in our democratic process .... wouldn't that be a neat legacy?

[Ok, so I'm not exactly ready to croak yet ... but it's never to soon to think about leaving something for the next generation, right?]
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