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Don't it always seem to go ...

.... like you don't know what you got 'til it's gone? Or almost gone?

That's kinda what I feel like tonight. My horse, my buddy, my BEST buddy is sick ... colic ... again. The last time he colicked, he had to have surgery - he was 17 then and they only gave him a 60% chance of surviving it. He's now 21 ... I think his chances have probably gone down exponentially. Yes, we all have to go sometime, but it would be a real blow to have him die now, especially when he doesn't look or act OLD, ya know? He's the horse in the pic I'm using as my default picture right now. Golden Palomino, three white stockings, crooked star, stripe and snip that goes right under his lower lip and sometimes looks like he's smiling.

Socks (double registered Palomino/Quarter Horse), more properly, Powers Gold Dandy, has had a very long, distinguished career as a show horse. Yeah, he wasn't the world champ or anything, but he had some pretty famous relatives and, in the right hands, he probably could've done even better than he did. He went to the Palomino World Championship show in Tulsa, Oklahoma twice in his show career - once as a two-year-old, and again later in his life as a Youth horse. In the early days of the Palomino World's, a horse had to win so many points to qualify to show at the World, so going twice is no small feat. In addition, he placed 10th in Western Pleasure one year ... with the number of entries from ALL over the United States, that too is no small feat.

Beyond his show career, though, he's been so much more to so many other people. After I bought him, I showed him at the local 4-H shows. I loaned him to a girl whose horse came up lame just before the County Fair - and she did quite well with him. We never knew he would jump until she took him in Hunter Hack! He sucked at trail, though. I loaned him to another girl for the Holly Equestrian Team, and he did quite well for her - I believe she won one of her Hunt Seat classes, and they placed in two-man relay. That girl went on to become Miss Pinto America 2003-2004 - Casey Davies. I have another 'thumbnail' of her riding him in the class she won. So, Heather Landry and Casey Davies both have fond memories of "Mr. Socks." So do some of the kids in Bertha Dennis' handicapped riding program. We had one girl who got so excited when she could ride him - her mother told me that it was the first time she had called any of the horses by name. I have pictures of Veronica riding him in a private session I arranged with her mother.

We also used Socks for 'pony rides' at the 4-H Fairgrounds a couple of times. And, Lord knows, he was used as a lesson horse by a couple of trainers, on a number of different students. He bore it all with the same 'stoic' attitude he's always shown me. Even the last time he colicked, he just got that awful look on his face and sighed a lot. The vet said he had to be in some awful pain, but he just stood there while people poked and prodded him. I remember the vet taking his stitches out after his colic surgery ... without anesthetic. Mind you, they practically split the big beastie in half when they do that kind of surgery, so he had stitches running from his girth back to his groin.

I know I'm rambling, but I'm so worried, and I've done all I can humanly do at this point - short of making him nervous by sitting out in the barn all night staring at him. This time, it's not like I have a "community" of horse people to prop me up either. When he colicked the last time, we were in a barn with 49 other boarders, and LOTS of people knew just how bad I felt. And, may God bless her, Char Duffie got up in the middle of the night to haul his butt to Michigan State for me. And stayed with me the whole time! I miss her a lot. Especially now.

I'm not sure how I'm going to handle it when it's time to say good-bye to him. He's been with me for almost as long as my first horse - and I cried for two weeks when I had to give him up. Not only that, but Socks is just the BEST behaved horse ... for the vet, for the farrier, for the odd people I allow to handle him .... he has always been KIND. And, generally, patient. Oh hell, I feel like shit and I need to get some sleep so I can get up early to check on him. If anyone reads this, please wish me some luck-I think I could use all I can get right about now.

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