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Had a strange dream last night, all about people who are long gone. Why dream about them now? I haven't for the past five or six months, so why start now?? Eh, hopefully just a passing phase - stress induced, probably.

What stress, you ask? Indeed, I was wondering the same thing, until my guts did another flip-flop. For some strange reason, I have not one, but TWO, stress-induced ailments that fuck me over whenever I get myself stressed out. One would think, with the amount of drugs I'm taking, stress would be the last thing that would bother me, but no such luck. And things WERE rolling along nicely, too, until all this crap w/the horses hit the fan. Now, I get to worry about BOTH of the silly beasts - although Socks looks like he's gonna be ok after all (AND after another $300.00 vet bill!). I could kick myself for letting things get to this point, but there's no sense in that. I believe I HAVE learned AT LEAST that lesson.

Wonder what others are doing/thinking these days. Wonder if everyone is ok and relatively happy, or if they're just getting themselves into more stupid shit. Probably the latter, but it makes me feel better to think that they're doing fine ... which I'm sure they are, with or without me. That's cool, too, since I don't even seem to have the energy to address Steven and Jess's minor crises at the moment. Just got to get past the crisis point w/the horses and things will settle down again ... that, and - oh, god, how could I forget? GRADUATION!

Amazingly, we think Jess has passed (by the skin of her teeth) the classes she needed to in order to graduate. So, now I get to plan a fucking Open House. Not that anyone will attend, since we've lost so many "friends," but she wants one anyway. Oh goody .... that should be the HIGH point of my entire summer! But then, we still have to live through graduation first. Oh, and her birthday, and her driver's test, and possibly getting a car and driving around on her own ..... all scary thoughts.

Time for the Scarlett O'Hara routine ... "tomorrow IS another day." And that's when I'll think about half of this crap - tomorrow. The other half can wait a bit longer than that even. Time to let horses back out. They have to stay in while they eat, because Socks is such a bossy pig he eats all his grain, then kicks Doc out of his stall and finishes Doc's grain, then kicks Doc out of the OTHER stall, so he can finish his own hay cubes. What a MONSTER! Then again, 21 in a horse's life is about the equivalent of 90 in ours, so I guess I can't begrudge the poor beast the right to be a little 'crotchety!'

[I wish I could get a whole night's sleep, but I toss and turn all night ... anyone got some sleeping pills?]
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