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Silly, random, disjointed thoughts ...

Tell me something ... why would a guy break up w/a girl, ON THE DAMN PHONE, no less, THEN go around telling HER friends that SHE broke up w/him??? Ok, so it wasn't the "love affair" of the century - still, the TRUTH would be nice. What the hell is so wrong with telling the TRUTH? Oh, that's right, I forgot. It depends on the viewpoint, doesn't it??

Along the same lines, why would a reasonably nice (i.e. polite) kid WANT to hang out w/my son, the holy terror? Unless he was expecting to score some marijuana or something?? I dunno ... I guess I automatically suspect EVERYONE's motives these days.

Does that make me jaded and cynical?? I suppose so. Or, more properly, does it make me more cautious? Definitely! One needs to learn something from the other people one interacts with - and I've learned that trusting is not such a good idea all the time. Trust and openness will get shoved down your throat sideways if you're not VERY careful!

Does that mean I don't trust ANYONE? Nah, not quite that bad ... but close, definitely very close. There are a select few people that I still trust not to take with one hand and slap with the other, but VERY, very FEW!!

From all appearances, I guess Jessa GRADUATED after all. It was a close call, but it would appear that she made it by the skin of her teeth. It upsets and frustrates me to see her waste the intellect and keen wit she was born with on video games and stupid things like that. She is DAMN smart, but only chooses to use it occasionally. Some of the assignments she had this year were things that she SHOULD have wanted to DIVE into - but, no. No interest whatsoever in doing ANY school work unless absolutely necessary. She'd rather soak everything up and take the tests (she's an ace at test-taking!). As most of us know, that attitude isn't gonna cut it in college, so I'm not sure how she's going to manage that feat. Well, guess I'll pull a "Scarlett" and think about that one tomorrow.

I've neglected the horses again ... what with running around to the "other side of the planet" (Grange Hall Road) to pick up and drop off various kids. Why do my kids have to make friends with people who live so damn far away - and mostly on DIRT roads????? Never mind ... I'm just glad they actually HAVE friends who seek out their company. It's a different thing for my kids, and one they have yet to get used to. I just hope we can get Jess her driver's license SOON, or I will go stark, raving BONKERS with all the driving!!!!! I'm tired ... I'm gonna go to bed and deal with it tomorrow ....

[Someone stab me in the face, NOW, please????? G'night world!]
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