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I wonder what would be said ...

... on second thought, I don't have to wonder. From what I've heard, I know pretty much how it would go, and it wouldn't be pretty. Ah, well, water UNDER the dam and OVER the bridge, eh?

At any rate, I'm picking Steven up at school in his/our GTO today. We think we've finally got the battery problem solved, and MSK was kind enough to splice the shredded cable back together for us. I got the gas this morning; when I drop Jess off, I'll get my tire fixed, pick up a funnel, get the keys drilled for Steven and get back here. THEN, I gas up the monster, find Steven his own keychain, drive into Holly (EARLY) and stop at the Insurance Agent's to get insurance on the Mercury. That way, we'll be semi-legal when Jess starts driving it.

Not that Steven will be driving the "monster" anytime soon, but his "pocket feels empty" without the keys he's lived with for the past six months! Honest - every pair of pants he's worn, he's transferred those keys into. Not only that, but he made me promise to keep them on ME 24/7 until he gets his own set ... just to make sure his dad doesn't get any bright ideas! I think I'll make MSK get an eye exam as the price he'll have to pay for attempting to drive that car. I can just see Steven's face ... the look of horror as his dad stalls the thing before he even gets it out of the driveway ... the irrational carping that will take place if so much as a smudge ends up on his "baby." Well, son, we all have trade-offs we have to make in this life ... letting your dad take the wheel of the fastest car he's ever been in is one you'll have to get used to. The price we pay for the 'toys' we enjoy, ya know?

Well, off to get Jess to her house-painting and my tire fixed (and several other errands). I'm crossing my fingers that I don't end up breaking something else on that damn car, or that boy WILL kill me .... wish me luck!!!!!

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