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Still pinching myself ...

... but the diploma is as plain as the big nose on my face ... SHE DID IT!! She really and truly GRADUATED! Gawd, I still can hardly believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gee, do I sound 'geeked' or what?? Well, HELL YEAH! No one has ANY idea how much pushing, prodding, coaxing, cajoling, begging, pleading, and downright nastiness it took to get that kid to this point. But I am SO VERY proud of her - she pulled a rabbit out of her ass and completed one of the best "magic tricks" she's managed to date. I was seriously worried, but she did it. WHEW!

Tomorrow, its the ACT ... wonder how she'll do on that ... although she takes tests without batting an eyelash. She's always loved tests - even fills out the questionnaires and silly tests in magazines. Not too surprising for a kid that used to do logic puzzles for the sheer hell of it. Or for a kid who used to work jigsaw puzzles from the INSIDE to the OUTSIDE (instead of starting with the edges, like most of us).

As the mom of another Holly graduate said to me tonight, she's thankful that her children aren't the cookie cutter types. Hers, like mine, march to their own drummer, and she couldn't be happier. Someday, my dark, brooding beauty will find her niche. For now, it's enough that she SURVIVED to the tender age of 18, and that she pulled off the ultimate (so far) ... high school graduation. And, YEAH, I cried ... so what? For a mom who was almost convinced at the beginning of this school year that this day wouldn't come, it is a near miracle. But she DID it, and she should be proud of HERSELF. Especially since it was purely on her own that she managed to even squeak through. I did nothing to help her cause with any of her teachers this year. This was ALL her.

For some of us, maturity comes very slowly and gradually, but it (in MOST cases) sneaks up on all of us eventually. I've tried very hard to avoid the "M" word most of my life, but I recognize that it has its place. Maybe not so much in MY life, but it DOES have its place ;-D !!

[And so goodnight, it is time for sleep ... ACT at 8:00 A-freakin'-M!!]
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