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Now, a LONGER update ....

It just dawned on me that I didn't write anything about my escapades in the GTO w/Steven last week. Guess I got caught up in all that graduation hoopla, or something. It was FUN, it was exhilirating, it was PURE JOY to be able to drive such a 'mean machine' again. Damn, I still wonder when I'm going to GROW UP! Especially since, when I got to the school on Monday, some kids were making hand motions that CLEARLY meant "burn some rubber!" So .... I did. I couldn't help myself. Well, maybe I could, but it just seemed like the thing to do at the time. Ok, so I'm the world's most irresponsible mom - so sue me. Steven LOVED every minute of it and then some! I don't think that smile came off the boy's face until LONG after we got home and put the car (carefully & lovingly) away.

My contraption to hold the battery in place worked like a charm. Never underestimate the power of 'zip-ties' and mom's ingenuity. That damn battery didn't budge an inch!!! Yeah, I'm close to breaking my arm patting myself on the back for that one.

The most fun part of the whole experience was the looks on the faces of all those little buggers coming out of the High School. That was PRICELESS. After all the years of abuse my son has endured at the hands of every single smart-assed jock, poser, asshole in that freaking school district, NOTHING was more rewarding than to see the jaws drop when Steven got in the car with me. It was even MORE fun the next day!

Yup, despite my best intentions, I couldn't help it ... I HAD to drive that monster at least one more time. This time, when I pulled up to pick Steven up, one of his friends was waiting with him - so I offered the kid a ride home in the monster car. I think that kid was smiling every bit as much as Steven after we squeaked some more rubber off the tires on the way out. We took Steven's buddy home to Holly, went to the bank, sucked in exhaust fumes for what seemed like an eternity in a construction zone, went to the drive-thru at Wendy's and zipped on home. GAWD, I LOVE THAT CAR! Every ADD/manic depressive in the world should have some 'speed' therapy ... but not too much, as later events would show - it just isn't a good idea.

We had to go to Auburn Hills to pick up the rest of Jessa's birthday presents, and got stuck in a monumental traffic jam that resulted from a 4 car pile-up on I-75 that day. We finally reached our destination, about an hour later than I had hoped, but things went relatively smoothly after that. Until, that is, it was time to take I-75 back toward home. They had finally re-opened northbound 75, and traffic was moving ... slowly, but moving. Things were relatively smooth until we came to the construction zone just south of M-15 ... that's when stuff got stupid. Traffic was being reduced to two lanes, with AMPLE notice ... like TWO MILES' WORTH! Despite that, car after car kept whizzing past in the lane that was being shut down, forcing those in the next lane to slam on their brakes to let them in. That REALLY 'frosts my cookies,' ya know?

As luck would have it, though, a couple of folks behind me teamed up to stop the "crashers," making sure no one could get past them and go speeding to the head of the line. Traffic started to open up and move with the merging traffic being forced to merge before the lane ran out. When we got to the point where it was only two lanes, one idiot who was pissed off at being kept from crashing through to the front of the line jumped in the right-hand lane, whizzed around me on the right and cut right in front of me ... and THEN had the gall to slam on his brakes, as though his being stuck behind me was MY fault or something.

This is where I'm ashamed of myself. I returned the "favor" ... I buzzed around the little joker (driving my Dodge Ram, NOT the GTO) and cut him off (but at least I used my turn signals to let him know I was moving over - a courtesy not accorded me). Nor did I slam on my brakes ... people who do that when they think people are following too closely are asking to be hit, killed, or otherwise mangled. So, the idiot decides he's not going to take that kind of treatment, pulls around me and, without even getting in front of the truck, starts to pull over into my lane ... RIGHT next to me. I held my ground just long enough for the joker to waver - if he had hit me, he probably would've lost control of his car. And he came damn close to hitting me. Damn close. I think that scared him, though, because he immediately backed off and made sure he was far enough behind me that I couldn't do anything else. Not that I wanted to at that point. I figured I had made my point by almost letting him clip the side of my truck.

Once all the 'fun' was over and we exited the freeway, my first thought was "I need to start taking MORE drugs." My next thought was "What the HELL is wrong with me? I'm FIFTY FUCKING YEARS OLD and driving like a teenager!!!" I said that out loud while smacking myself in the forehead ... and Steven started laughing uncontrollably. He wasn't concerned in the least, while I was shaking. Even though I knew that the truck had the weight advantage, and that if the guy HAD hit me, I would've just steered INTO him instead of away from him, thus lessening my chances of losing control, it still scared the stuffing out of me.

Hence, I think my GTO driving time will be SEVERELY limited this summer. After this summer, Steven gets to strip the thing down and start rebuilding the engine, so I doubt I'll need to worry about my self-control next summer. Besides, I've always heard it said "With age, comes maturity." I'm still waiting for that to happen. Maybe NEXT year!

[Y ahora, buenas noches a todo mis amigos! Hasta la vista!]

[Oh yeah, and we were listening to Steven's newest White Zombie album, which didn't help mom slow down much either!!]
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