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Another brief update ...

Yesterday sucked. The pool overflowed because SOMEONE didn't get enough water out of the cover before the guy came with the water to fill it. The horse still has a problem w/a certain area of his anatomy, and must take meds for the next three days. The barn was a complete disaster, the tree limbs HAVE to be chopped SOON, the yard is inundated with weeds, and I've got to get this whole freakin' place ready for a freakin' OPEN HOUSE by August??? It'll never work.

Spent a lot of the evening researching cell phones ... the plans, phone options and services are enough to keep one busy for a LOOONNNNGGG-assed time! Found out that the phone MSK still has from his former business still works - but they're looking for his brother to pay the overdue bill!! Eh, not my problem. I'll be happy to give them back their phone if they will get the pics of Steven and his first deer off it for me.

Today, ran Steven and myself to the hairdresser ... he got a cut and dye job, I just got mine CHOPPED. It's a good three inches shorter now, but at least all the splits are (mostly) gone. Ran home, grabbed Jess and just made it to the dental appointment I made for them SIX months ago and forgot to write on the calendar. Got out of there, went to Kroger and spent too much money on stupid stuff, spent too much money on Arby's (because I'm essentially a LAZY bitch), and came home.

Tomorrow promises to be equally hectic .... Holly in the AM, Sierra sometime during the day, Comcast in the afternoon, horses in the evening. In between, I have to remember to call a farrier AND order the new cell service so we can get started on that. I think there's something else I'm supposed to remember, but I think I'm too tired to do so.

I surrender .... I'm going to bed and hope I can SLEEP (for once). Lately I've been having some rather disquieting dreams and don't seem to sleep more than four hours at a time. Makes me a bit dazed, confused and crabby by the end of the day!

[Hoping for a better day on Friday, and a more productive week next week!]
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