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Tired, crampy & crabby ... but not REALLY unhappy ...

I'm tired ... it seems like this place resembled "Grand Central Station" today what with all the 'visitors' we had. Actually, we didn't have THAT many visitors (I can remember days when it was MUCH worse with all the comings and goings!). It's just that it HAS been so quiet around here that, when people do pop in, it's rather unusual. Not a bad unusual, just unusual.

Kids seem to be having a tough time lately. "Kids" as in internal and external ones. Maybe it's an epidemic ... my two have been at each other's throats when they are in the same room for more than 5 minutes, and some of the others are having some hard times again. I know the world isn't a bed of roses for anyone, but some of these kids could use even a SMALL break every now and then, ya know? Just doesn't seem fair that, just when they appear to be getting a handle on stuff, it all seems to fall apart again. Sorry, guys, but you know I'm still hoping that things turn out for the better SOON!!!!

I forgot to call the farrier, and didn't get the new cell service ordered yet either. Aw, what the hell, I can take care of that tomorrow. Then on Monday, I get to call the High School and dispute at least one of Steven's grades. Damn, and I can't forget to drag Steven to see Harvey this weekend. AND there's a Palomino show in Mt. Morris this weekend .... I sure would LOVE to go, but Mel might be camping. I'm sure there will be other opportunities, though. I'm falling asleep over my stupid keyboard, so I think I'll go to bed while I can still walk.

[Goodnight all .... hope tomorrow is brighter for ALL concerned!]
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