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So, the movie IS having an effect ...

While I'm not a big fan of Michael Moore's tactics, I wholeheartedly support what he's trying to do with "Fahrenheit 911." And not just ousting Bush from office either ... I support his attempt to open people's eyes to the reality of politics period. The Democrats and the liberals are not exactly 'lily-white' either; there isn't much to choose between the political parties when it comes to the 'hi-jinks' that go on behind the scenes. I have found, however, in the 40 some-odd years I've been politically aware, that the Democrats most often represent the ideals I've held and tried to impart to my kids.

Yes, I agree that there is something to be said for 'moral' cleanliness, but there is also something to be said for 'truth, justice and the American Way.' And this President hasn't been saying OR doing anything close to it! Bill Clinton might have been a total slut, but I still feel he did right by the people in the stands he took on issues and the leadership he displayed in our foreign affairs. At the least, he knew the difference between 'going it alone' and giving the rest of the world the finger, unlike Mr. Bush.

The problem facing our country now, though, is how to get out of Iraq without abandoning the people we supposedly set out to 'liberate.' We cannot just pull our troops out overnight and come home. We have to finish restoring ... at the very least ... the shreds of an infrastructure that we destroyed in this ill-advised soiree. Ideally, I would like to see a MAJOR effort on the part of our government to EDUCATE the people in the Arab world .... so many of them fear and hate us based on what they've been TOLD by someone else. We need to prove to the Arab world that we ARE a nation of caring, compassionate HUMAN beings that are capable of helping someone regardless of their ideology. So many of those poor sods are just a few steps removed from the nomadic tribal days ... and some aren't even THAT far yet. In a tribal, or clannish, society, survival of the tribe is of paramount importance. We need to let the Arab world know that we ARE NOT a threat to their survival any more than their existence should be a threat to ours.

Reasonably, humanity as a whole SHOULD have progressed to this point by now. I'm still at a loss as to why it hasn't progressed further in greater numbers than it has. We SHOULD be treating one another as HUMAN beings, kindred souls all with the same interest ... survival of the species. How is it that we are still so blinded by fear and loathing of the "other," the "different," the "un-believer?" Why do some of us feel that only OUR way is best for the world as a whole? Why is it so hard to let one's neighbor believe as they will, as long as it doesn't have an injurious effect on others? These and many other questions are what distract me from a lot of what I should be accomplishing on a daily basis ... merely because I am having such a hard time trying to understand the mentality that fosters such blind, unreasoning, unfathomable hatred.

My own theory is that we simply haven't made a large enough effort to evolve past our primal roots. We haven't emphasized enough the qualities that make humanity unique and set it apart from the basic, primitive instinct which drives all other life forms on the planet. Brass tacks .... not enough of us recognize that we have immortal souls that need to transcend the primitive responses our bodies are prone to. Souls that choose to be here to work on their development. Souls that are ALL part of the one light and love, the one overwhelming power, the force from which we all stem and to which we all return.

Well, that's the only thing that makes any sense to me when it comes to any "religious" discussion. I believe in a power far greater than anything we can consciously see, hear, feel, touch or know. I believe that my soul, and the souls of my fellow beings, were all part of this power at one time. I believe that my struggles on this earth are designed to teach my soul the overriding truths that all must learn before we can rejoin that which created us. I believe that my very existence in this .. or any ... life is for the purpose of KNOWLEDGE. And I believe that ALL humanity is engaged in the same struggle, others are just further along the path than some. The fact that it takes so very long to become aware of these 'truths' (as I see them) is part of the reason things seem to be getting worse world-wide. In addition, one must not discount the access to reams and reams of information, available at our fingertips, that we might otherwise never have even heard of twenty or thirty years ago.

So, I don't necessarily see the 'world' as getting 'worse.' I see our access to information much wider and broader in scope, thus enhancing the notion that things are so much 'worse.' In reality, we're probably just creating our own problems with the influx of all this negative information from all parts of the globe. Sometimes, it helps to step back, look at one's own little part of this world, and see if there are things that can be changed there. Often, that's where the most profound changes in society come about ... from one person doing something to improve their little space in the world. I should be proud of the things I've done over the course of my long, checkered life ... the community service, the volunteerism, the environmental awareness, the energy conservation, the kids I've tried to help ... all things that many ordinary Americans don't even consider, much less get involved in. My problem comes in when I look back and see that no one else will remember what I did for any of those causes. That's where the vanity thing takes over, and I am prone to that all-too-human jealousy thing.

"But I'm getting better" to paraphrase a Monty Python character. At least I can remind myself, now, where I should be heading and what I should be working on. I can remember, when that evil, human, primitive ape-brain rears it's ugly head, that I am supposed to GET OVER that crap! As a certain guy in Judea once told his followers, one needs to learn to turn the other cheek. Let go of the grudges. Live and let live. As long as I keep trying to do my best to do that, perhaps I will yet fulfill my mission in this lifetime .... won't know till it's over, though!

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