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Interesting premise ...

... although I'm not sure I agree with the basics. Or, perhaps I misunderstood the basics, but as far as I can tell, man is supposed to have, at one time, peacefully co-existed with the rest of the interdependent ecosystems on earth .. presumably eating and being eaten in turn. The rise of greed and stockpiling of food was what led to our species becoming so terribly 'out-of-sync.' Unfortunately, one is left to one's own devices to decide how greed became a foremost quality in primitive man.

My assumption would be that, as man evolved (as with all species) the "fittest" prevailed. The "fittest" would not necessarily be the "fairest" or the most "community-minded." In this case, one must suppose that the "fittest" were the ones killing off all the passive, community-oriented, less aggressive types until the qualities that drove the "fittest" to these extremes became predominant - hence the competition, jealousy and greed we experience so often today. In a nutshell, we are descended from the most primitive, aggressive single-minded sociopaths present amongst early man. I'm not sure I agree with that one.

I find it very depressing, though, to discover so many young people who have such a dismal view of the 'human condition.' THIS is all there is?? Maybe for you, kiddo, but I know damn good and well, I've been here before, my kids have been here before, and we'll all end up back here again and again .. until we get it right. I refuse to accept that we are born with so much ability, so much potential, SO MUCH UNTAPPED ENERGY, to just work like slaves during our lifetimes and **POOF** disappear into the 'void.' We are meant to LEARN, to absorb the things each life teaches us and continue the evolution of our souls. We are meant to continue to learn how to overcome the primal instincts with which our human bodies are endowed. If it were not the case, there would be NO SUCH THING as KARMA, and no reason whatsoever to be concerned about negatively affecting it.

My own experience has shown me that Karma exists and that it is a very powerful force, indeed. Ever heard the phrase "What goes around, comes around?" That's Karma. What you do to one, whether good or bad, will come back to you threefold. What is done to you, whether good or bad will also come back to the perpetrator threefold. I've seen it at work ... I know I don't need to seek revenge for any wrong done me, because Karma will see to it. I may not ever even know about it, but Karma evens it all out eventually.

I know no one agrees with me, but I also know that I'm probably a great deal more right than those who say this is all there is, nothing more.

[no offense intended to those who feel otherwise!]
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