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Update ... not like it matters or anthing like that ...

I do this more for myself, so I can kinda keep track of where I've been and where I'm (hopefully) going. I think it helps, somewhat. Especially since I tend to lose track of the big picture so often when I get embroiled in the minutae of daily life w/the vampires.

I'm currently trying (honest-to-god, really) to get things together for vacation. I've got to go to Sam's tomorrow, Best Buy, Meijer, get cash for Sierra, TRY to get Steven some more explosives (only the legal type), cook two meals, two cheesecakes, pack and god-knows what else. Watch, things will get balled up from the get-go. I'll oversleep, Best Buy won't have the cell phones, Meijer won't have the pants Steven wants, Sam's will take forever to gather my order, and any number of other STUPID things will take place. Mark will come home early, take one look at me, and declare that "That's what you get for waiting until the last minute."

Well, FUCK ME. I can't help it if I don't want to go in the first place, thus I am not especially motivated to do any of this shit. I can't help it if I live with vampires that stay up all night (and feel compelled, sometimes, to keep me up too). I can't help it that .... oh, wait, THAT is my fault. My two teens are so unwilling to help that the smallest request is a MAJOR fucking deal for them. Ok, so I screwed up that part ... all in the name of trying to make sure they knew how much I love them and how far I will go to help them. Yeah, that part certainly IS my fault. Eh, two out of three isn't bad, though, is it?

Oh well, can't win 'em all, can I? Frankly, I fail to see very many that I've actually "won" lately, but life seems to roll along regardless. I guess I can take comfort in the new (used) laptop I got off eBay yesterday ... when or if it gets here. I will at least get some work done while I'm being miserable with my in-laws breathing down my neck. And the bugs biting the crap out of me while I'm smoking because the Seagull (house in town) hasn't got a screened porch (unlike the "camp" where we've spent the past three or four years). And sweating to death while preparing meals because the stupid place doesn't have a fan. And battling the earwigs that reside there year-round. Now that I think about it, this "vacation" is going to suck worse than some of the previous ones! Oh boy, I can hardly wait!! Nothing to be done about it, though, since my brother-in-law has taken up residence in the "camp" that he and my husband jointly own.

And, of course, my hubby couldn't be happier. He doesn't care where he stays, just as long as he's in Grand Marais. I used to love it so much there, but now it's just too much work and not enough fun. I didn't even get to look for rocks last year. I doubt I'll have a chance to be by myself much this year either. That doesn't make for much of a "vacation" for me, but since everyone ELSE in the family considers it a vacation, I must "suck it up" as always. At least I still get to drive my own vehicle up, on my own schedule ... and can leave on my own schedule as well. I'd just better have a damn good reason for leaving early, that's all! I don't wanna go!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Add to that, the fact that, when I get back, I'll have that whole frigging mountain of laundry to wash all over again. And that fucking colonoscopy to look forward to ... damn that nurse practitioner anyway. I didn't realize that she was going to arrange for the gastroenterologist to call ME about an appointment. But she sure as hell did ... and they did ... and I'm going to have to now. I really, really, REALLY don't want to know how bad off my innards are - really. I haven't had a major attack of colitis in a couple of weeks, but thinking about that stupid thing (along w/the damn vacation) should provoke one, if anything can! Oh, piss on it ... I'm gonna get started on the stupid laundry BEFORE I give myself a headache!

[Goodnight all ... wish me luck for tomorrow!]
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