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Home again ... safe & sound?

Well, safe - yes. Sound? Don't think I've ever really been what one would call "sound." It was a predictably miserable week ... the only piece of furniture that I could sleep on w/out a backache was the recliner. I positively HATE bathrooms without vent fans. I still can't figure out how the dog got sooo fucking neurotic. The weather totally sucked.

The fireworks went off as planned, but the wind was blowing in off the bay so hard that sparks kept falling all around us. Steven got one down the back of his neck, I got one on the truck that almost melted the wiper blade, it looked almost like a scene from 'Volcano,' or something like that. It was sorta pretty when they would hit the pavement and shower a bunch of little sparks all over. It's a good thing it rained most of the day, or we would have burnt down the entire town of Grand Marais!

Lake Superior, as usual, is awesome. I could watch the lake for hours ... just watching the waves change as the wind changes direction, or picking up rocks on the beach. I've returned with a new determination to get myself a rock saw and start polishing the stupid things. I've hauled so many rocks back from the Upper Peninsula, but all we've ever done w/them is throw them in the flower beds as mulch/ground cover. Kinda defeats the purpose of spending all that time selecting just a few really neat rocks from the millions that are all over Agate Beach.

Well, I'm home, I'm tired, and I'm going to bed (in a snuggly, comfy bed for once!). I'm glad I didn't do the 4:00 AM thing again, like I did when I left, but I'm still really tired.

[As a wise girl in a story once said, "There's NO place like home!"]
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