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Some people are pricks like its their JOB or something!

I have concluded that some people's main purpose in life is to piss off others and suck money out of them for no other reason than the fact that they can. Case in point, the illustrious, "fan-friendly" venue known as THE MACHINE SHOP. They blatantly discriminate against minors, to the point where they will not even permit a minor to attend a show WITH A PARENT. WTF?? They are the only 'concert venue' in the Greater Flint/Metro Detroit area with such a fucked up policy. What the hell makes them so "special?" Guess what, I figured it out ... they're not "special," they're freaking CROOKS!!!

Yeah, their tickets and their web site state "18 & over." So does almost every other ticket for almost any rock concert in this whole state. But they still let the kids in w/their parents! But does the MACHINE SHOP choose to point this out clearly on their website? Nope. Do they have a phone line where one can call with questions regarding their so-called 'venue?' Nope. Do they even include that oh-so-helpful information on their recorded message for the ONLY phone number they give out? Again, no way, Jose! So how would a parent know that they are the only venue in this area that does NOT permit minors even with their parents? Um, gee, let me think ... they wouldn't.

I was not the only person naive enough to purchase tickets to a show at the MACHINE SHOP only to find out that my NON-REFUNDABLE tickets could not get my son admitted to a show he's been waiting eons to see ... Damage Plan. He's a hardcore Pantera fan ... and has been sooooooo very excited about finally getting to see Dimebag LIVE. Oops, missed the part about the crappy management at the only freaking venue that Damage Plan is playing in Michigan this summer .... hmmm, tough luck kid, suck it up. I DON'T FUCKING THINK SO!

For all my talk about Karma and trying to repair mine so my next life won't be so bad, this may sound strange but remember .... HELL hath no fury like a pissed off MOM!! I am not going to overlook any possible avenue to let people know how shitty the management is at the MACHINE SHOP, and how badly they need to be told that they are just scamming the hell out of people they should want as customers in the future.

Yup, I said SCAMMING. At least, that's what I'd call it when they don't have any avenue for getting specifics on their policies, yet they accept your money in on-line, non-refundable ticket purchases. They are only too happy to point out their stated "18 & over" policy, as well as the fact that the tickets are non-refundable. Hey dude, waste almost $50.00? Tough luck, SUCKER. Then they (equally cheerfully) turn right around and RE-SELL that spot to the next doofus who is over 18 with money at the door. Hells Bells, they must sell at least half the tickets to each show twice, judging from the number of pissed off parents seen at the door Sunday night. I'll bet they have this problem every single fucking week, but have they changed ANYTHING in their website or on their tickets to correct it? Hell no. Why?

Because that's an easy way to skim money right off the top ... since those tickets are never scanned, they don't have to pay the band (listen up musicians .. they're scamming you too!) for those sales. The tickets are never used, they aren't refunded, so where does all the money go? Straight into the pockets of the owners of that 'shady' establishment.

So, like, everyone who turns 18 real soon should be in a great big hurry to give those shysters their hard-earned money, right? What would be fitting justice is if anyone who turned 18 this month, and from here on out, just calls or writes them saying that they WOULD HAVE come to the MACHINE SHOP, but management was too greedy for its own good.

Get a clue kids, if your money isn't good enough BEFORE you turn 18, why is it suddenly so much better AFTER? BOYCOTT THE MACHINE SHOP ... they should not be allowed to get away with sucking the youth of this area dry without ANY consequences! And, I'm not sure about most people's parents, but I know that a LOT of the parents around here make their kids pay for their own tickets - so they ARE sucking the kids dry even while they're screwing the parents. I will be writing to every newspaper, local television station, fan website for every band booked into that godforsaken place, radio stations ...... what ever it takes for them to realize that its time to stop the ROBBERY!

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