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"Something's happening here ..."

What it is ain't exactly clear ..."  At least that's the way I feel these days.  It just seems that people and events are swirling around and past me like a gale-force wind, and I can't seem to keep track of any one person for more than five minutes, max.  Eh, not like I'm trying to keep track or anything, but every day, someone will ask me something about someone else that was supposed to happen, or might have happened, and I find I don't remember shit about it.  Early Alzheimer's maybe?  Maybe.  More likely a distinct lack of motivation to pay attention to anything for more than that five minutes.  Then, POOF!  I'm off in my own world again, having forgotten what I was even doing five minutes before.

I broke the car AGAIN!!!  I've got the most godawful track record this summer where it concerns that GTO.  This time, though, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise.  We met a couple really neat people, learned a LOT more about where to look for Pontiac resources, and reconnected with some old friends in the process.  And, wouldn't you know it, just when I start thinking about 'reconnecting' with stuff, Nik calls out of the blue.  It seems he's 'down on his luck' again (big surprise) and REALLY needed some smokes.  As luck would have it, I just happened to get a couple of cartons of off-brand stuff off the website, so I made him smoke them.  Hey, for free .... TAKE, right?

He's supposed to come over tomorrow morning to help Steven and I replace the battery cable that appears to be the root of our problems with the GTO.  He'd better NOT blow me off as usual ... not if he expects a nice "gift" for his wedding this weekend!!  It's soooooo freaking strange to think of him going through all that rigamarole.  Tuxes, church, the whole nine yards.  REALLY fucking strange!!!!!  I'll cross my fingers, for Missa and Gideon's sake, that he's actually going to commit to this thing.  Time will tell.

Some one did a really shitty, mean, nasty thing to Jess ... she got a phone call from some total stranger who saw our phone number with her name on a wall at a Kroger store somewhere on Haggerty Road .... along with some VERY unkind remarks about the sort of person she supposedly is.  That pisses the hell out of me ... the kid doesn't go anywhere, doesn't do anything, doesn't give ANYONE any trouble unless they bring it to her, and what the fuck happens?  Some asshole has to post our fucking phone number with some sort of crazy shit about her being ??? whatever.  Then some other pathetic asshole has to call and ask her about it????  People are so fucking sick, nasty, vindictive, evil, crappy, mean, shitty, ugly, and any other goddamn modifier that I can come up with right now.  I mean, who the fuck would write our number, and her name, on a store wall ... um, probably someone who knows her, or us.  And what the hell, I might ask, has any of us done to deserve something fucked up like that?  Gee, I seem to be still "assisting" kids who are "down on their luck" as much as possible.  As I said, the kid doesn't go anywhere or do anything.  Steven doesn't go anywhere or do anything either.  So why do we deserve random, hateful shit from random, hateful assholes?

I still believe that what goes around, comes around.  Karma WILL out.  Whoever pulled this fucked up stunt WILL regret what they have done to their own karma whether they connect it to this crap or not.  And I'm not lifting a finger to find out who, exact revenge, or even the score ... I don't have to.  Someday, my son will realize that I'm right about that ... let sleeping DOGS lie in their FLEA-RIDDEN beds.  Don't disturb the vermin, they will be forced through circumstances to atone for their sins.  If any of the vermin are reading this right now, however, please know that what you did was cruel, low, and thoroughly disgusting.  Hope it made you feel much better about yourself, 'cuz you aren't going to for very long!!!  Watch your back, whoever you are.

[your day, my dear DOGGIE friends, is coming sooner than you can imagine
"Pleased to meet you, hope you guessed my name!"]
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