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Holy crap ...

... I just realized that it's been one HELL of a long time since I've posted here. Not that anyone reads this shit much anyway (thank GOD!), but life has been interesting, just the same.

Let me see, missed writing about my totally exciting birthday ... the AARP sent me an enrollment card and I got to buy my own birthday cake. Yippee Skippy!!!

Then Nik got his ass hitched and took off on his honeymoon ... to FLORIDA ... right AFTER Hurricane Charley and right BEFORE Hurricane Frances. Can you believe that guy's friggin' luck??? No matter what sort of 'shit' he falls into, he will come up smelling like a damn rose, won't he? Not that I mind ... I have no illusions where it concerns Nicholas and his reasons for contacting me every now and then ... but I still have a soft spot for the dork. He can be so completely transparent, but still so incredibly entertaining at the same time - it's really sorta fun - and worth whatever he might 'need' at the moment.

After Nik got married, before they were supposed to take off for their honeymoon, he stopped in and was bitching about how his uncle hadn't come thru w/anything for their wedding ... so I fronted him & Missa the cash to enjoy a few things while they were there. Got him so excited, he forgot all about trying to find out how to get in touch w/Brandon (which, if anyone I know had ANY idea about, I WOULD have passed along).

Just as well, that's the last thing Missa needed on her honeymoon ... or close to the last thing, anyway! And, since I have no idea where he is, we amused ourselves with the thought of all the "What the FUCK!"s that probaby spill out of his mouth every time another hurricane blows in!! Not that I wish him ill, I just think it would be sorta funny to see him actually try to deal with the hassles of surviving without the 'creature comforts' he so enjoys. Geez, just imagine if he had to go to a shelter and they had it locked down like the ones in Melbourne and Ft. Pierce ... he wouldn't be able to smoke pot for at least two days!!!!! Whoa shit - that might be worse than actually facing the hurricane.

But, enough of idle speculation. My sister finally surfaced in Inverness, riding it out with a friend and trying not to float away. I guess they went back home Sunday night or Monday finally ... and they still have a house, at least. The fence is destroyed, the yard is a shambles, but the house is intact (with a frigging $16,000 deductible, THANK GOD it's intact!!); just no power, food, water, ice or gasoline. I'm thinking, perhaps, it might suck to be her right now, huh? Or anyone else stuck living down in that godforsaken hell-hole of a state. Muggy, buggy and definately NOT safe! It is totally beyond my comprehension why someone would actually CHOOSE to live in such a vermin-infested, red-necked, extremely backward neck of the woods anyway - unless one had tons of dollars and a yacht. Most of the people I know that chose to move to Florida have neither. Eh, what the hell ... just hope everyone is bracing for IVAN the TERRIBLE (as they've started calling it on CNN). AND the tropical depression that has formed BEHIND Ivan ... WOW, do you think they could have FOUR major hurricanes in one season??? I know, I'm being mean ... but I still think I have good reason to be just a little on the evil side, ya know?

Icky ... it's late and I have to get up at the proverbial 'butt-crack' of dawn again, since school is once again in session. At least I only have ONE child to tote around ... one of the benefits of kids getting older!

[but not necessarily wiser!]
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