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I'm sooooo tired of:

  • the presidential campaign
  • the constant "he said/he did/did not" bullshit
  • the unbelievable way the rabid religious right (RRR in my book) distorts the truth
  • the way the REDNECK, REBEL-YELLow, self-RIGHTEOUS hordes suck up all the RRR's bullshit like it was the Gospel according to GEORGE
  • blisters on my fingers and pain in my wrists from too much writing/typing
  • people who can't seem to notice anything but themselves
  • feeling like I'm the only person in the world who can do what needs to be done
  • wondering when someone is going to step in and pick up the slack
  • realizing that NO ONE is going to "pick up the slack," cuz that's what I'm here for
  • getting up at the proverbial "butt-crack" of dawn to do this 'school' thing again
  • being late to get back and do the return home thing (it is amazing how silly grown people can be about how to line up and park when picking up their kids. Doesn't anyone else know how to park NEXT to the curb, instead of a MILE AWAY?)
  • getting pissed about stupid shit like that ... as if I haven't got enough to deal with?
  • my head constantly hurting from clenching my jaw and/or biting my lip
  • my guts constantly hurting ... either from the blockages, or from the stupid ulcers
  • life, the universe, and EVERYTHING! [but only for today ;D!]

[buenos noches mis feos, que lastima!]
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