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Another day in the life ...

Well, after running up and down the stairs about forty million times (ok, slightly exaggerated), I've finally got Spy Sweeper and Norton installed and running on all four computers. If ANYONE is so foolish as to change any of the settings, or shut any of these programs off, I will first KILL them, then I will never TOUCH their damn 'puters again.

I mean, seriously. I surf the 'net too, but I guess I don't go to all the wacky spots my kids, alien kids and my husband go to, 'cuz I don't EVER end up w/the "cooties" the Dell downstairs and MSK's machine have!! It never ceases to amaze me how fucked up those things can get in a matter of a couple months. Well, not anymore, unless someone purposely fucks them up ... I fixed THAT anyway. Damn "cooties," spyware, adware, cookies, whatever-the-fuck. The people that create all this shit that invades your computer and makes itself at home should be strung up by the genitals, THEN shot ... in the extremeties, until they bleed to death ... WHILE they are still hanging by their genitals!!!!! Even then, I'm not sure that's harsh enough.

Did another one of my MAJOR shopping expeditions today. I've gotten to be SUCH a recluse, I even hate the shopping!!! I still have to get to the post office AND get my DL renewed (since I completely forgot on my b-day), but I DON'T WANNA. Pure and simple ... I DON'T WANNA and they CAN'T MAKE ME! Well, I guess they CAN make me, but I still don't want to do any of it. I'm so much happier hiding in my hole, coming out now and then for a smoke and to yell at the stupid dog. Its just that its so hard to actually accomplish anything here without large chunks of undivided time in which to do them. I'm just not the kind of person who can actually get back to what he/she was doing originally after 3 or 4 interruptions. Especially when the interruptions usually involve my being somewhere else/doing something else/looking for something. Maybe its Alzheimer's or maybe just senility, but I don't seem to have quite the short-term memory I used to have even a few years ago .. and it wasn't exactly stellar then!

Holy crap! I just noticed how much I've written here and how long I've been at it ... and I was complaining about large chunks of undivided time? OK, time to quit. Hopefully, I'll remember to update this silly thing a little more often, or I risk losing large parts of what has/has not gone on in my life. This is my way of making sure I can commemorate the high/low spots, but if I don't use it, I'm sunk!

[Like, later, ya know?]
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