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Ya GOTTA love hormones!

Damn, I wigged out today in a major fashion. This hormonal shit is really getting to me ... I mean, I had an old-fashioned, screaming, throwing, melt-down. Haven't gotten that worked up in ... a few months or more! Hey, for me, that's pretty damn good. But it sure wasn't today.

I just got to the point where I felt like I couldn't handle ANYONE's shit anymore. I didn't want to hear one person bitching at another because their 'concentration' was being broken by the mere presence of another. I didn't want to hear how I don't cook, I don't clean, I don't do shit around here (for the umpteenth time), and I didn't want to have one person breathing down my neck while I'm still trying to fix the fucking fucked up computers downstairs (maybe its just bad karma to have computers in the basement??). So I threw a hissy-assed fit and started a cleaning frenzy the likes of which I haven't pulled in years. The L-room looks a WHOLE lot better (right down to moving almost every single thing ... except that m-fing HUGE entertainment center), but I found more messes when I started moving things.

That, of course, led to my being distracted from the main task and wandering into cleaning up the auxillary messes, then returning to the main mess. So many auxillary messes and distractions cropped up that I didn't completely finish the main mess ... but I'll get back to it tomorrow. In the meantime, I've completely reorganized and cleaned the pantry where the cleaning supplies are kept. I finally got the batteries charged for the B & D ScumBuster and used it to clean parts of the kitchen floor and then tried it on some of the cupboards ... works really nice. Then I got distracted trying to clean some of the grout w/that Mr. Clean Magic Eraser stuff. Shit really works well! Gawd knows how, but it cleans the grout, gets the crud off walls without taking the paint with it, AND does a killer job of getting stuck on crap off tile.

Of course, my knees are now KILLING me, my hands hurt, my back hurts and my head is about to explode from clenching my teeth most of the day. Duh ... that's what I get for going off half-cocked, right? Yup. But the upside is that I got a TON of stuff done today. The downside is that I found at least 20 MORE things that need to be done yet. I don't think I'll ever truly get this place as clean as I would like it. And I seriously doubt that, if I want to continue to work on my project, I'll ever have enough time to KEEP it this way!!! Bah ... I should do what I threatened to do ... get this hog-wallow cleaned up and call the realtor IMMEDIATELY. Sell this mutherfuckin' barn and get something more manageable, use whatever I get from splitting the proceeds w/MSK to send the Princess to school in Illinois, and find a REAL job.

But, who am I kidding? I'm far too accustomed to my life as it is .. I seriously doubt that I'd want to change the status quo that drastically. Guess time will tell. On another front, I was reminded that a certain boy has another milestone birthday coming up. I sure hope he gets lots of presents and good food and a killer cheesecake. I remember my one and only attempt at Chicken Alfredo ... it was edible, but the sauce WAS a tad on the 'grainy' side. And Oreo cheesecake ... whoa, was that sweet, or what???? My teeth still 'tingle' at the thought! Anyway, hope he has a good one.

I need to be awake in the early AM to do the school thing again tomorrow ... oh, wait, it's already tomorrow, isn't it? OK, that means its REALLY time to go to bed.

[¡Hasta Mañana, un otro lunes, mis amigos!]
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