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Another funny car story ...

Yup, I "broke" it again!! Well, not really broke it, but we had a blow-out at 70 mph on the way home from the High School today. But its running a lot better!! The bad news is that we had to have a flat-bed come and get it again, and those babies aren't cheap. Then it cost about $50.00 for another tire. The good news was that we had a terrific time until we had the blow-out, I didn't lose control, and we had the new tire on it and had it back in the garage before MSK got home ... pretty good, huh? I'm rather proud of myself ::pats self on back, several times::!

I don't know what it is, I'm not sure why, but I just LOVE driving that car! I even LOVE just starting it and listening to it rumble. I'm SOOOOOO strange. People my age are supposed to grow up ... at least WOMEN my age are supposed to ... especially if they're raising kids. So what's my deal? Who knows?? I guess I may as well accept it, I am one of the strangest 50 year-old women I know. I love fast cars, I love horses, and I'm seriously into current events and politics. I recycle RELIGIOUSLY, I did my thing trying to protect the environment around here, I did some time on the school board, I was into PTO, I read, I knit, and I mouth off on a site that's predominantly populated with kids. I PREFER hard rock, metal, if you will ... LOUD. If the bass isn't making the side mirrors jump on my truck, its not loud enough. I can do so many more things than my mother could at this age, yet I still feel so ... isolated. So different. So far out of sync with the rest of the world.

I'm not trying to be young again. I'm not trying to act like my kids. I'm not doing any of this just to be seen as being "cool." I do this stuff because its who I am; its what I like. But hardly anyone else sees it that way. I get strange looks and rude comments because of my involvement with kids other than my own. I get talked "down" to because of my habit of driving to my limits. I get criticized for going to concerts with my kids, for indulging them in the stuff that we all like. And I wonder why more people aren't like that. I knew a lot of people that were like me when I was younger ... where did they all go? Did they "grow up," or did they just get OLD? Are they hiding their real selves because they aren't supposed to do things like I do? Or did they really lose interest in this stuff?

Stuff to be pondered at another time, I s'pose. I did meet a couple nice people today .... a guy actually turned around and came back to where we were on the side of the road to see if he could help. He said that he had broken down in about the same spot recently and someone stopped to help him, so he wanted to return the favor to someone else. That was soooo cool! Exactly MY philosophy!! And the wrecker driver was super-nice too. Even gave us a discount, 'cuz he had such an easy time with the car - and because I think he truly enjoyed our conversation. We even got another funny 'wrecker-driver' story out of the experience.

Seems he was called because this woman had supposedly locked her keys in her Avalanche. When he got there, he looked in the truck and didn't see any keys. The woman came out and, when he asked where her keys were, she held up TWO sets of keys and said "Right here." He looked at her and said, "I was told you were locked out of your vehicle." She said, "I am. I keep pushing the buttons, but they won't work!" Turns out she didn't have any idea that she could open the door using the key in the door lock!!!!!!! How's that for messed up?

Well, that was my fun afternoon. Some one of these days, I'll actually drive that car without something going wrong. For now, though, I'm sure the neighbors are getting a kick out of seeing us come home in the wrecker practically every time!

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