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Okey Dokey ...

Now that I'm done raging in a private entry about how upset I get at smug, superior, wet-behind-the-ears people, I feel much better. It was petty and unfair, but I just had to get it off my chest. Now, hopefully, I can drop it.

In more interesting news, we (Steven and I) took the GTO out again today .... what a friggin' blast!!! Gawd, I DO love that car! The best part was when I got it up to 70 mph in THIRD gear, passing a van on White Lake Road. Wheeee! What fun!!!!!!!!! Yeah, I know, GROW UP lady, right? Someday, maybe, but not right now, thank you!

Its just a good thing the car doesn't have a sound system. I could get in some real trouble if it did!! I already know that I drive like some kind of aggressive uber-dyke in that thing anyway, but if I had the metal blasting, I'd really drive like some sort of racer ready to take on all comers! I mean, I don't drive so very 'defensively' in the TRUCK when the stereo is blasting (something about that Infinity system, just kicks ass!), I could just see me in the car, kickin' out the jams!!!!

On a completely unrelated note, I sincerely hope that two young ladies get their asses AND that car back here in ONE piece each ... or several people are going to be severely PISSED OFF. I have to go to bed, and I'd better not get a call from ANY police agency regarding my "children." Hopefully, they will survey the scene, not find anything too amusing, and then hit the road for home. I doubt it'll happen that way, but that's what I'm hoping anyway. I also hope that they remembered to return Heidi's sandals to her!!!!! Eh, what the hell, I'll just take a phone to bed and, if they call, I'll deal with it then. I'm tired, Steven's snoring, Mark's asleep, and my eyes are sooooooo droopy.

[G'nite all!!]
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