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So, I updated my journal client ...

But, I still can't get it to indent the first line ... what a pain in the ass.  Oh well, I tried! Of course it works great if you bounce back and forth from WYSIWYG to HTML - that just figures, doesn't it?

I guess the darn client does this (everything else, i.e. font, color, etc.) for me now, so I don't have to waste time with the stupid HTML tags anymore.  Thank goodness for small favors!  It gets a little annoying sometimes having to go back and find where I forgot a carat or something like that.  Thing is, though, I still can't figure out how to indent the first (and ONLY the first) line of a paragraph with this silly thing.  I s'pose I'll figure it out eventually ... either that, or I'll just go back to straight HTML.  Which would really suck, but there you have it.  Either the client program does it all, or it does NOTHING ... there is no happy in-between as far as I can tell.

I even tried the "override" in the settings editor, but that doesn't help ... even tho the <p style> tag is, actually a <style> function.  Well, crap, its too late at night to worry about it now.  I GIVE UP!  For today, at least (not really, just had to test out the back & forth from WYSIWYG to HTML).

[I think its past my bedtime ... everyone is in bed 'cept ME!  Goodnight Mrs. Calabash ... and everyone else!]

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