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Oye, chica!

Thanks so much for stopping by like that ... it was great to see you again, after almost a whole freakin' year!!!  If anything, kiddo, you've gotten 'better' NOT older.  I still expect to hear from you every now and then, but I'm not gonna get all 'guilt-trippy' all over your ass.  If I consider that it's been a little too long, though, I probably WILL be calling you, ok?  Just so we're clear, right??

Seriously, it was really sweet of you to stop by, I really enjoyed the conversation and hearing about all your 'sketchy' (and not-so-sketchy) dealings in the past few months.  You, my dear, are the consummate 'playah,' if you catch my drift!!  I still fully anticipate seeing you in some video on tv of some embassy affairs or some such shit ... you could soooooooo play THAT part!

Don't forget, though, that I know a little of the person underneath all that you have going on the surface ... I think I caught a peek once or twice.  If you ever need anything, even just a friendly voice, you know where to find it.



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