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I'm not getting enough sleep, I think.

Up until 5:00 AM this morning ... why? I don't know. Just a random progression of events that usually seems to take over my life. I spent most of yesterday working on learning how to put stuff on LJ, like LJ cuts and links, etc. Did two posts of Moore's newsletters, then tried to contact my sister in Florida. It was getting late when she called, but we rarely get a chance to talk. Since she was facing her second hurricane after moving to Florida last year, I figured I'd give her plenty of opportunity to vent to someone who hadn't already heard it. I was supposed to be getting ready to take Jess to the movie, however.

Diatribe After the phone call, I was running late to get ready to go to Detroit with Jessa. I promised her that, if that damn movie she wanted to see last Spring ever came back, I would take her. As luck would have it, on a weekend when I'm coming down with a 'killer kid virus,' my sister is in the eye of another hurricane, and I'm DOG tired, we have to drive 45 minutes down to Detroit to the DIA to see this movie. Let's face it, I'm not especially into the 'art' movies. I don't mean 'art' in terms of art works or artists, or things to do with the art world. I mean in terms of 'obscure, message-laden, movies-that-you-need-an-MFA-to-understand' type of movies.

We saw The Five Obstructions. It was about a filmmaker who made an acclaimed film called "The Perfect Human" in the '60s. A protege, (or admirer, or protagonist, or whatever relationship the dude is) proposes remaking this autuer's masterwork, only with certain restrictions. He ends up giving this filmmaker five different scenarios in which he tries, through his 'obstructions' to deconstruct the film maker's masterwork, through the filmmaker himself. The whole thing was convoluted as hell, done in Danish with subtitles, and (in my opinion) choppy. It really didn't appear to have any discernible plot ... unless you knew the circumstances of the situation, you wouldn't understand ANY of it.

As it was, by the time we got down there, we were late for the first show, so we had to kill time until the second. Jess got the bright idea of trying to locate Noir Leather - I've only been there once, so I didn't remember where it was. Gee, I love my new Sprint phone ... I can look almost anything up in the Yellow Pages and get directions ... but it takes a while. Fortunately, we weren't far from the place, so we went there and she 'window-shopped' for a time. Then, she couldn't bear to leave without something so she talked me into buying her a shirt.

Nostalgia That cheered her up a little (she was cranky from missing the first show). We got down to the DIA and discovered that they have VERY LITTLE signage showing you where the Film Theater entrance is ... we finally parked at a meter behind someone who had just parked and asked if they were going to the Theater. Fortunately, they pointed the way. I LOVE the DIA; I love the smell, I love the 'oldness.' I just love the building, much less the art and artifacts it houses. It is a wonderful, mysterious, beautiful place ... even while its undergoing renovations ... I think I shall have to renew our membership yet again, even though we rarely venture that far.

As I said, we were late for the movie, so we got out of the second show about 11:30 PM. It never ceases to amaze me that it takes so much less time to get home from Detroit than it takes to get there. By midnight, we were at the Kroger, picking up stuff for Sunday breakfast and trying to remember what else was on the list that I forgot to take with me. When we got home, I suddenly realized how crappy I felt ... every joint seemed to ache, my feet hurt from the dress shoes I'm not accustomed to wearing anymore (give me moccasins, clogs, or barn boots, I'm fine ... dress shoes? Icky), and my head was pounding from the philosophical discussion that SOMEONE pursued all the way home from the movie.

I got the truck unloaded, changed clothes, put stuff away, and found out that the eye of Hurricane Jeanne had passed directly over my sister. Fortunately, while I was trying to message my other sister to find out what was going on, I got a message saying that they were still ok and had only minor damage to the house. Unfortunately, the back side of the eye wall hadn't yet crossed over them ... so I stayed up until 5:00 AM, alternating between CNN and reading LJ.

Alien Nation As usual, Maureen was MIA (missing in action - teenaged sorts of 'action'). Steven was still awake, but Mark was asleep, so I didn't turn on the dining room light when I went in to use my computer. Maureen, despite having been asked a couple of times, didn't push the chair in front of the laptop back in, and I walked right into it ... LOUD noise, quiet cursing, and nursing bruised shins. In the process, I managed to dislodge the wand to the canister vacuum (currently residing in the entry to the dining room) and subsequently tripped over that later in the evening/morning! I don't mind having Maureen here, I don't mind her comings and goings, I don't mind feeding her and providing her smokes (& gas money & certain car necessities), but I DO ask that she try to cooperate. Um, that didn't help ... nor does it help when she leaves stuff laying around and my kids start in on me about it. Eh, another problem for another time.

I found myself commenting on LJ entries and then realizing that I didn't understand exactly what the person meant in the first place ... that's when I figured it was time to try sleep. Unfortunately, I only slept for about three hours before awakening with the worst MIGRAINE headache I'd had in eons. I mean, I've had some headaches lately, but this one was a KILLER. I couldn't even get back to sleep ... that's when you know its bad. Usually, I can pass out from the sheer exhaustion of dealing with the pain, but not today.

As luck would have it, I did manage about an hour's more sleep before MSK was done with breakfast. Like always, I had to awaken everyone else and shoo them to the table to eat, since he'd spent so much time making it. One of these days, I'm just going to flat-out tell him that Sunday breakfast is too calorie-intensive and drama-ridden. The kids are usually pretty crabby, and he's Mr. Merry Sunshine (until they get pissy, then he gets evil-tempered too). Its almost like having to deal with THREE children instead of two teens and an adult male.

Anyway ... another interesting week coming up. Maureen has a doctor's appointment tomorrow. Steven wants a ride home from school in the GTO again tomorrow. Tuesday, we drive to Flushing to pay Maureen's $225.00 traffic ticket (why do the unemployed 'alien kids' get the WORST tickets?), go to Melanie's and maybe see Sierra. Wednesday, Jess has her drivers test .... it'll be another white knuckle day THAT day, I can tell you! At least I won't get bored too soon, huh?

[Hope a certain boy in Florida escaped damage from yet another hurricane!]
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