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What a wild couple of weeks!!

Gosh, where to start? Guess I should start with the horses. Then again, it really started with the dog ... and culminated in the usual expensive, painful messes that ensue from animal problems!

On Sunday, 10/2, I went out to the barn to look for some vet-rap for the dog's leg ... stupid dog got into something and has not stopped licking it since! I was putting anti-biotic ointment on it, then switched to cortisone creme, but the stupid dog just started licking the places above and below the irritation (and pulling out the fur), so I finally just took the stuff off and I'm watching to see if it gets infected.

So, while I'm digging through the medical supplies, I notice my "baby" horse's leg is all cut up AND swollen. Funny thing, my husband spent the entire morning out in the barn and didn't say a thing about it ... probably because he never really looks at the poor beasts. I swear, I still think he has trouble telling the two of them apart! Anyway, it was late Sunday, and I didn't have enough light to fuss w/him and check it out.

The next morning, I go out there and try to get him to hold still long enough to let me clean it out ... not a chance. No way in hell was that horse gonna let me play w/his leg, since it just so happened to be the same leg he had the hoof abscess on this past Spring. I noticed then that there was still a tree resting on the pasture fence ... generally not a good idea w/electric fencing, ya know? The damn tree fell on the fence over three weeks ago, and I THOUGHT (stupid me ... there I go THINKING again!) MSK had chopped it up shortly after it happened. I had no idea that he just LEFT the freaking thing on the fence!!

I checked out the fence around the tree and it looked like it was still intact except for where the tree was resting on it. The operative word, however, is LOOKED. Tuesday morning when I got home from taking Steven to school, I went out to the barn to see if I could fuss w/Doc's leg some more. When I got halfway out there, I found Doc pacing up and down on the OUTSIDE of the fence, while Socks was doing the same thing on the INSIDE of the fence. I put the silly animal back in the pasture and started to hunt for where he'd gotten through. As it turned out, the only place where there were actually three strands of wire attached to posts was RIGHT BY THE DAMN TREE! Everywhere else in the pasture, the wire was broken, downed and tangled up in the weeds/trees/other crap.

Sooooo ... I go back to the house and call Mark while I wait for the "hay dude" to get back to me. He says there's no real trick to starting the chainsaw, so I get that in the truck, get out a bunch of other tools and head back out to the barn to chop tree limbs and fix fencing. So much for no "trick" to starting the damn chain saw ... I must've pulled that stupid freakin' thing 40 times ... no such luck. So I got the handsaw out and discovered that its gotten so rusty that it barely goes through trees anymore.

The "hay dude" delivers the first load of hay and decides that he's just gonna make both trips that morning ... fine, I've got the checkbook right there. I start sawing away at the tree limbs and finally manage to cut them all away from the fence. I replace all the broken insulators and start re-stringing the wire ... only to discover that it's broken at a point where I need to splice more wire in to put it back together. Back to the truck, back to the barn, grab the wire and look for wire cutters .... nope, back up at the house.

To shorten things somewhat, Maureen was back at the house when I got up there, so I dragged her out to the pasture w/me and had her cutting away all the weeds from the fence. I sawed more tree limbs and bushes that had grown into the fence, and continued to string the wire all the way to the far corner. Wouldn't you know, there just HAD to be something awful right where I needed to cut away another bush? A very small fawn had somehow died in our pasture and its decaying little body was stretched out right where I needed to work .... EEEEWWWWW!!

I managed to avoid looking at it as much as possible. When I got down to the far corner, I discovered that there were two more breaks in the wire and more broken insulators ... so I worked on those. I also saw the TWO trees that had come down on the fence in the Spring .... that my hubby had LEFT there for MONTHS. I could have murdered that man with my bare hands. The entire back stretch of fence was just GONE ... missing ... coiled up all over the ground. Lord knows how long the baby horse has been wandering in and out of the pasture! That's the great thing about Socks. That horse is firmly convinced that, if there was a fence there yesterday, there's a fence there today, even if he can't see it! He knows his boundaries and generally stays well within them!!

So, that's pretty much the story on the fencing. THEN I had to go see the gastroenterologist ... super nice guy, but VERY bemused at my sad tale of woe. I believe he said I was "unique" and "rare," but that the stress level in my life will probably never go down from here. He really seemed surprised when I told him about our latest "resident alien." He seemed to feel that not too many people would willing let a non-related teenager just move in ... but I can't leave any of them out in the COLD, and it sure is getting cold these days.

So, I rush home and try to clean out the baby horse's wound AGAIN. No such luck. I finally resign myself to the fact that I'll need help - AND tranquilizers! No, for the HORSE, not me! This all happens on TUESDAY, when MSK is off BOWLING. Peachy, huh? He makes it back by 10:00 PM and is dying to tell me about his night. All I want to do is hit him upside the head w/a baseball bat. No, I get to listen to him yammer on about his 299 game and his 'whatever-it-was' series, etc. By this time, I was so tired and sore, I could barely move anyway. In fact, I'd just managed to finish my dinner after giving Nik his carton of smokes and getting him out the door.

And that was JUST TUESDAY. Things got even better the next day!

So, I had a dental appointment on Wednesday ... and since I thought someone was trying to bore a hole into my brain over the weekend, I had (more or less) come to the conclusion that I would need a root canal. Little did I know how badly I needed that root canal.

After discussing all my options with the dentist, we decided to try to get me in to have the root canal done either that day or the next. I called the endodontist from the truck and discovered that they could get me in before I even had time to go home. So I called the house, left a message for my sleeping angels, and toddled off to have SURGERY performed on my poor mouth. Things were going ok at the endodontist's office until they came in and numbed me up.

Mind you, the dentist had already zapped a couple shots into my mouth before he played with the tooth. By the time the endodontist got around to me, I wasn't numb anymore, so I got two more shots in the mouth ... with two of them going into the ROOF of my mouth! So, I sat there, waiting my turn, tied in the chair with that stupid bib, just waiting. I sat there for an entire HOUR before he got back to me ... and wasn't really numb anymore. So, I got two MORE shot in the mouth. At least everyone had the good grace to compliment me on the excellent way I handle getting shots without topical anesthetic (since it causes my gums to develop huge blisters!).

FINALLY, the dude comes back and gets started - then proceeds to tell me its going to take longer than he thought. It seems that my TOOTH was abscessed and he had to clean out a lot of "pus and debris" in order to get the job done!!! I'd really like to know how that damn tooth got abscessed. The only time anyone had anything remotely unsanitary near my exposed tooth was when that stupid assistant was trying to jury-rig that horrible temporary that she'd made for me. She dropped the damn thing on the floor and I don't think she cleaned it off very well.

At any rate, the endodontist gets done doing his thing, zaps some more x-rays, and sends me on my way with a raft of prescriptions. I decided to drive straight to the pharmacy ... I wanted to have that Vicodin in my hot little hand when the numbness wore off! Good thing I did, cuz it hurt like a BITCH!!!! So there was no cleaning of the horse's leg THAT evening, but I did call the vet and arrange for them to come out the next day.

And that was just TWO days LAST WEEK. Can you imagine how much more "fun" I've had in the rest of the time since this little excursion got started?? Stay tuned ... more to follow when I've had some sleep.

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