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This is strictly for updating myself ... so I can remember ...

I'm starting to forget what happened and when ... and since I am the repository for the family memories, that's not a good thing.  Actually, I seem to have become the repository for ALL memories connected to us ... my kids, the alien kids, other parts of the extended family AND for some of the neighbors!  Guess that's what happens when you become a CRONE!!!!  I say that in the ancient sense of the term; as in an older female who possesses knowledge (and, supposedly, wisdom).  Anyway, I highly doubt that what comes next will be in the least bit interesting to anyone but those around me. 

So, I left off with that godawful root canal. Whew .. I don't fancy going through one of those again anytime soon. Its still better than the route my mother chose, however. I seriously doubt that I will ever have to have all my teeth pulled (I'd better not for all that I've spent on orthodontia, endodontia and various types of oral surgery!) and, if I get THAT old, someone should just shoot me anyway. Seriously. If I'm too old to enjoy a good cut of steak, then I'm too old to live ... period!

After the root canal, I had to call the vet for the horse. I needed to get him drugged before ANYONE could doctor his swollen, chopped up leg. Stupid large prey animals anyway. Do ya s'pose that reflex will ever end up bred out of them? Most likely not. Even drugged up, the silly animal kept trying to keep the leg away from the vet. Remarkably fast movement for an animal that wasn't too steady on all fours already ... a couple times, I thought he was going down. Then the vet looks at me and says: "Now, you're going to have to change this bandage every other day." WHAT?? Without medicating the bejesus out of him? Sure, and I can walk on water and bring the dead back to life too .... bullshit.

I really have a problem understanding how professionals like that can so lose sight of the basic facts in front of them, to wit, the horse would not hold still EVEN DRUGGED for the vet, yet I am going to have to crawl around and anticipate that he'll be an angel????? Duh. As luck would have it though, he did the exact opposite of what I expected. I went out two days later, being sure to enlist Jessica's help, and we had at all four feet with the hoof pick. THEN I moved to the leg (clever, huh?). Yeah, right. As soon as my hand touched that bandage, he had that leg off the ground and practically tucked into his belly ... prime position to blast me a good one, ya know?

Using my noggin for once (other than as a battering ram against seemingly immovable objects), I straightened up and started backing him up. If Melanie is reading this she's laughing and saying "Just like I TOLD you to!" Well, it seemed to work. He held still long enough for me to remove the old bandage. Then it came time to put the new one on ... then it was "Wait just a minute there, pardner!" But (after wrestling w/Jessica over the best way to make him back) we did some more backing and he decided to hold still for rebandaging. That was strange.

THEN, mother nature decides its time to torture me for a week or more. I can hardly wait until THAT part of my life is OVER! If the hormonal problems weren't so horrendous, I would probably BEG to have that portion of my anatomy excised as soon as is humanly possible. But no, I get to suffer through all the lovely side effects of aging ... hot flashes, mood swings, AND the occasional week or so where I do nothing but bleed to death (or so it feels). Hey, don't complain, I warned everyone up front that this was so I could remember what I was so pissed off about .... that was fairly clear, wasn't it? Anyway, I could probably live a lot longer and better without the cramps and that horrible sensation, but I guess its not quite ready to loosen its hold on me. YUCK.

In alien news, Maureen has been in and out lately ... mostly out. She took my gas card when she and Jessica went to Ann Arbor, forgot to give it back to me when she brought Jess home, and somehow left it in Ann Arbor. Peachy. All I can say is that there had better not be a million dollars on that stupid card when we get the bill!!! Not only that, but since she left the stupid thing in Ann Arbor, she ran out of gas on her way home last night ... in the dark ... in the mist ... in the middle of butt-fuck nowhere. Lucky for her that the road is so well-traveled (and not by a bunch of loonies) - she got a ride after walking only about a mile or so. She's so damn lucky I'm NOT like her mother. I just threw the gas can in the truck, drove to the gas station, filled it and then took her to the car ... without the usual lecture, since I figured that she'd already yelled at herself over it. This all might sound like a fairly simple thing, until one realizes that to do all the things I just listed requires about 45 minutes and driving at least 15 miles. The old saying "you can't get there from here" is soooo very apt in our case!

Believe it or not, though, there is one incredible positive in living out in the sticks ... I always know where my kids are (mainly because I have to DRIVE THEM everywhere!). My kids are fairly good about letting me know what's going on when they aren't with me. I usually (with the 18 yr old) let it go until about 9:00 am the following morning before I start making phone calls. More often than not, she will call and let me know what the deal is before then. Of course, it helps that I make her take a cell phone w/her wherever she goes. Sure wish I'd had one of those back in the day ... I might not have had to do so much walking myself!

Ah well, hindsight, as they say ... hell you know the saying. Its been two days since MSK left for bird hunting. Steven missed two days of school and just barely made it today. Wednesday, MSK got me up in plenty of time, but I fell back asleep and so did Steven. We didn't wake up until about NOON. Thursday, Steven had a terrible time getting out of the bathroom (maybe he already has the "family" bowel problems?), was almost an hour late, and then called me after he'd only been there two hours. Eh, just made it easier for me to make myself go to the store. Today, he managed to be almost on time. Thank god its the weekend, and no one has anything scheduled that I know of. Especially since I got a glimpse of what chaos MSK left the barn in.

Honest to GAWD, I can't believe that man can even find his butt with both hands some days! Despite the fact that each of the grain bins can hold two bags apiece, he insists on leaving the two extra bags, EVERY TIME, out in the open where the mice can get at them. Last night, I turned on the light in time to see a veritable ARMY of mice swarming all over the grain bags!!! Good thing I'm not squeamish, huh? My apologies to the people at PETA, but the D-CON is going out today!!! I am amazed that none of us has developed some strange sort of "Hanta Virus" from all the mouse droppings all over the place ... and I'm tired of finding the terminally stupid ones floating in the stock tank. ICKY!!! That ends TODAY (well, whenever the D-Con does its stuff).

So, I think that's all the 'fun' I've had lately. Today I'm also going to shave the dog's leg ... yeah, the dog whose leg got all this started in the first place. MSK kept telling me to "Leave the poor dog alone, he's fine." Unfortunately, though, he's now worn all the hair off that spot, licked that sore until it's bleeding, and he's gonna get an infection if he doesn't let it heal. So, once I finally get the muzzle (so he won't bite my arm off) I'll start in with the clippers ... I may even do his toenails while we have him subdued ... that's what I get for only wanting large, economy-sized dogs.

He's a nice enough dog, but he IS an idiot sometimes. I still don't understand that frantic urge of his to break out of his crate whenever he's left alone. We can leave him alone outside all day, and he doesn't freak out like that. So what's with staying alone in the house? All I know is that the stupid thing goes apeshit every single time ... and its not getting better with age! I suck it up, though, because Hobbes was MY bright idea. It seemed like the right time and the right thing to do after Calvin died so unexpectedly, and it seemed even more right when we discovered that Hobbes was born the exact same day that Calvin died, but I guess Samoyeds aren't what they used to be as a breed. At least, not in his case. Oh well, better luck next time, huh?

[Another dreary fall day in the vast frozen wastelands of the arctic tundra ... or so it was called by a guy I once knew in Atlanta ... hope everyone's having a GOOD one!]
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