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Let's talk surreal ....

Today, I've divided my LJ time between reading the most fascinating political stuff and dealing with young adults who really should GROW the f--k UP (in my humble opinion). Not that I've had much LJ time today, as most of today was spent the same as yesterday ... flat on my back in bed, or in another room of the house, sick (and now dealing with internal bleeding). What little time I've had, however, has been - how shall we say? - interesting, at the very least.

I've decided that I FAR prefer the political discourse taking place on other LJs to the juvenile drama I just listened to on the phone, when a young lady called to ask how to delete her journal. That upset me almost as much as the departure of our former resident alien yesterday. Why can't these self-centered, egotistical brats take their (supposedly) formidable intellect and apply it to something USEFUL, like, um ... SOLVING problems instead of creating them?

Bah, a pox on ALL their houses! The more I see of humanity (once again), the more convinced I am that our world is doomed to implode from the sheer weight of such thoughtless idiocy. Talk about an utter and complete waste of oxygen! And, as near as I can tell, none of these wind-bags are the types to be into planting trees to replace the precious elements their dubious existence removes from our atmosphere. I guess that's up to me, isn't it? Assuming, of course, that I stay out of the hospital long enough to do so.

[With that cheery thought, I'm back off to my bed, where I was resting comfortably until that poor young lady called me; you should ALL be ashamed of yourselves!]
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