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An open message to all my "KIDS" and their friends ...

To all my former "basement-dwellers" (and you know who you are!), all of their friends, all of their significant others and any one else that hung around here even for a short time:

Quit your hand-wringing over the sorry state of the world and the horrible outcome of this election. RIGHT NOW, you little monsters!! Have I ever mentioned how much I "hate" kids??? Yeah, I know I have. So, here it is, straight up, as usual.

Yes, its disappointing that a man I consider to be one step short of the Anti-Christ is again at the helm of our wonderful country. But it is NOT because many of you didn't try, no matter what anyone else says. I know how hard a LOT of you worked to make change a reality and how devastated you are by the results of that hard work. Crying in our beer won't help change it, though. What will change it is your attitude - giving up is not an option, in my book. Walking away in disgust is something I did a few years back, and I'm heartily ashamed of myself for doing so, ok??

So, I'm back, I'm loud and I'm PROUD. I'm damn proud that so many of you got off your asses and did what you could to make a difference. I know that you aren't really my kids, but I am just as proud of you as if you were!! Now, I want all of you to join me in making a promise .... we will work together in the 2006 midterm elections to change the face of the US (and Michigan) Legislature. We will work our asses off to elect people who share OUR values, the ones that value ALL people. Right? I can hear some carping in the back somewhere ... I want a resounding RIGHT ON from you guys, ok????

I won't belabor the point further. You're all really smart, so I think you get the picture. Thanks for paying attention for a minute or two ... now you can go back to the video games, 'my space', AIM or whatever. Have a good one, and quit pouting!!!!

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