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Dear friends:

My internet "gateway" computer has been down for about a week, and I've been unable to get one of the others to take its place .... something about them not being able to CHANGE their stupid designation as being clients rather than the main connection ... or something equally stupid.  I don't like microsoft right now, I'm not happy with technology in general, and, I'm CERTAINLY not enjoying myself.  Especially not trying to type on my poor, overworked laptop.  I don't enjoy trying to type on little, bitty keyboards, ya know?  I'm old, I'm getting arthritic, and I have a hard time trying to squish my poor stiff fingers into that sort of formation.

Bah.  Anyway, hopefully, I will get the other, broadband connection up and running in the near future.  In the meantime, please don't worry ... I'm not dead, just "limping along" on a dial-up at the moment.  On a laptop.  Once every two or three days.  Meaning, of course, that my email will be very slow as well.  SORRY ... BIG sorry to anyone who might have been worried.


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