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Well, I (we) fixed it!

Say what you might, but Melanie is a genius. Yes, her speech is frequently laced with "ain'ts" and "them theres", but the woman is a WIZARD with computer hardware and diagnostics. Self-taught, I might add. We may not be able to debate the relative merits of various fields of study in fine arts, but she can run rings around a lot of academics I've known when it comes to getting these darn things working right! She has my utmost respect and admiration in that regard.

On another front, I've noticed a rather disturbing trend for me lately ... when typing, I seem to have far more typos than I used to, even a year ago. Most unusual is the frequent, consistent misspelling of certain words. My daughter says I should do more crosswords ... to keep my mind sharp ... what a nice kid, huh? Ah well, I don't seem to be having any more trouble than usual with keeping things straight (of course, the "usual" isn't THAT great), but it still bothers me.

I ran out of Prilosec today ... and doubt that I'll get much sleep tonight as a result. The acid reflux is already starting to kill me again; laying down isn't going to help much, I fear. I knew I should've gone to the pharmacy, especially since I ran out of my Prozac about two weeks ago, but I really wanted to get all the 'puters working again, so I did that all day instead. Dumb, huh? Actually, just shows how the ADD brain can hyper-focus to an incredible extent. I didn't even notice the acid reflux until it was too late to go ... and the computers were all working!

I am going to try, however, sleeping in a chair in the other room. At least the swivel/rocker/recliner will permit me to be comfortable in a slightly upright position ... it worked when I fell asleep in it last night while watching TV, so I'm hoping it will work tonight. On that slightly hopeful note, I bid you all adieu!

[In case you hadn't guessed, my internet connection is working GREAT now! Thanks again, Mel!!]
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