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Hard to believe ...

... that people can live in this state and face winter sooooooo unprepared every single year! I followed an SUV with 4-wheel drive to school this morning at 15 mph - with the silly person using her brakes on every downhill slope!!! Because of the weather, trains, an accident on Ormond, a tree down on Parker ... it took me OVER AN HOUR to get home from Holly - a 14 mile trip AT THE MOST.

Now they are finally reopening our major North/South freeway, I-75, after a 40-50 car pile-up .... which took place AFTER all the snow was done!! It is WINTER, people. Its past time to fill the washer fluid, keep the sunglasses in the car and brush up on your winter driving skills (like - um- TRY to remember how you survived last year?). I am by no means a speed demon when the roads are bad, but there is such a thing as taking it a little too far. The 15 mph trip into Holly was one of those things. I was afraid someone would rear-end me or kill all of us trying to get around the silly soul. I wish people who were THAT scared didn't have to drive in the snow. It makes life so much more dangerous for all of us.

Please, if you have a problem driving in snowy weather, try to find someone you can carpool with, take the bus, or make arrangements for other means of travel. That way a LOT of people can have a safer, happier Holiday Season!!

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