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Twenty-four years ago yesterday .....

... the music world came crashing down around millions of fans worldwide as they learned that John Lennon had been shot and died. Twenty-four years later, to the day, almost to the minute, "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott is brutally murdered in front of 250 concert-goers in the small, intimate, clubby setting that the band preferred to play (for the benefit of their FANS). Gunned down in the middle of the opening strains of the first song of their set .... now my children have their own musical icon to mourn ... and it's still NOT fucking FAIR!

My heart goes out to all the Pantera/DamagePlan families, band members, friends and fans - they are in my thoughts and prayers. My heart especially breaks for my 15 year-old son, who idolized Dimebag as the GOD of metal guitarists. Steven basically took up guitar because of Dimebag, and patterned his style as close to Dime's as he could manage. Because of one stupid venue's crappy policy, he narrowly missed seeing his idol live, in person, in July of this year. Now, his long-held hope for a Pantera reunion, as well as his wish to see Dime live will go forever unfulfilled. It is cruel enough that this world is still so vampiric with its celebrities; it is beyond cruelty for it to be visited upon the children. I don't know a mother born who could see the agony and confusion on that face and NOT suffer major heartache.

Please, pray for the band, their families, friends AND fans. And PLEASE, PLEASE perform some random act of kindness in the next 24 hours. It may not bring Dimebag back, it can't replace the stunningly brilliant musician who was stolen from us LONG before his time, but it can help remind some of us that there are good people out there still.

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