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Christmahannahkwanzakah ...

Ok, it's admittedly a really silly, bastardized name for a holiday season. But for some odd reason, it appeals to me like no other. I'm not sure why ... it just does. Something about it sounds more like the "peace on earth, goodwill to man" philosophy that I'm trying to espouse than just one of the combined holiday names. Strange? Yup. Me? Again, yuppers!

I spent this whole "holiday season" engrossed in a new pursuit ... one which, to my dismay, is NOT exactly enlightening or educational ... but sure is FUN! My daughter, the 18 year-old goth princess, dragged me (kicking and screaming, figuratively) into anime and I'm now hooked. Well, hooked on a very few, select shows. I'm not sure that the entire world of anime fascinates me as much as these few examples, but it is enough to qualify as a new addiction, I'm afraid. What's even worse - I've gotten hooked on the "fan fiction" that follows some of those shows. Yeah, you read it right ... fan fiction. Can I possibly sink too much further in the literary gutter?

Before one either agrees or bristles at that suggestion, let me add this one item. I have discovered a plethora of GOOD ... darned good ... writers in that particular genre (if, indeed "fanfic" is considered a genre). Yeah, I can see the looks - sounds like a whole new generation of 'bodice rippers' doesn't it? Maybe, and maybe not. Some of these people seem to take the bare bones of a story that most animes leave off with and flesh it out into something so wonderfully complicated, I could get lost in it. The pictures I've already seen take on new life, the story continues, grows and flourishes; it intrigues me as well as amuses me. And yes, damn it, enchants me as well. I guess I was just ripe for something like this, considering my most recent disillusionment with the human race and my never-ending tendency toward depression. Regardless, I find it more uplifting to read some of these 'fan authored' continuations than most of the so-called 'spiritual' works of recent times.

So I leave it to you, my dear friends, am I now sinking into the realm of the insane, unwashed, ill-educated masses? Have I now descended to a new LOW in commercialism? Or am I just like a LOT of others - yearning for something, some part of this stupid story we call life, to turn out the way it's supposed to turn out in the end? I dunno, but I am enjoying the hell out of my reading these days ... and I, for one, couldn't be happier!

[I know, I've written smarter things in my day, haven't I? Perhaps, but I can't help this one ... I needed some escape or another, and this one has suited me perfectly, may God help me!]
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