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Oh, crap.

Damn it all, anyway. Why is it that I seem to be the magical "kiss of death" every time I join a message board?? I suppose it happens because, like a friendly puppy, I get all wiggly and want to chat w/everyone ... exchange comments, 'witty repartee' (oh yeah, me? witty? not bloody likely), stuff like that. Then I find myself practically LIVING there and what happens? The people who were on there to begin with get really tired of getting Topic Replies out the yin-yang in their inboxes. Can't say as I blame them either!!

Ah well, chalk another one up to experience. In the good news department, we had our meeting with the school district and the LAWYER. Gawd, I so love that line from 'Hook' ... "Kill the lawyer!" It turns out that the 'legal eagle' in question is NOT 60 yrs old with a bad comb-over like I thought. I soooo hate it when my kids are right about stuff and I'm wrong .... grrrr. Just like Jess said, he's about 40-ish, has a full head of hair, and seems to have the hyper short-man complex going on ... could account for the 'tude! Fortunately, the district got their collective act together and put what can only be considered a very comprehensive Behavior Intervention plan in front of us. My feeling is that we got pretty much all that we needed from them without having to go the extra step to the hearing. I still have to verify things w/Mel tomorrow, but I'm fairly sure she's ready to drop it.

And what, precisely, would that mean to me? It would mean that I CAN HAVE MY LIFE BACK ... FINALLY! Of course, it also means that I have to try working on my stupid pedigree website, or Mel is gonna bug the beejeebers out of me every single day. Its about time I got busy on that again anyway. I got some more really old mags off eBay the other day, and I need to either fix the scanner, or get a new one, so I can start scanning in all this stuff. I also need to get busy adding all the info I've pulled in on certain horses ... and draft a letter of introduction to breeders, trainers, etc. ... and finish some samples before the Stallion Expo in March ... and ... and .... aw, who am I trying to kid?

I'll probably continue to immerse myself in fanfics now that I'm editing a number of them. That is, if the people I'm editing for don't get too fed up with my turnaround time! The plus is that I'll have lots more time to post my insipid ramblings here. The downside is that the people who have me as a 'friend' will be seeing lots more insipid ramblings! ;-) Hey, you know you love me, right? Yeah, r-i-g-h-t!!!*sarcasm*

[Thought for the day: There's no fool like an old fool!]
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