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Suicide ...

I've discovered a new way to figuratively commit suicide.  First, one must be in the depths of a major depression and in the middle of a switch in medication.  Then, one must have almost every scrap of information that pertains to one's life saved in one file or another on one computer.  Next, one must neglect to regularly back up the information on said computer.  Further, one must ignore the warnings that one receives that one's hard drive is in imminent danger.  Last, but not least, one must PUT OFF backing up one's data, even in the face of DIRE warnings from said computer that one's hard drive is about to BLOW.

That, my dear friends, is precisely what I did ... and am now suffering the consequences of ... rampant depression, ADD and STUPIDITY.  Herein described in painful detail in the hopes of sparing some of my friends the horror of repeating such a blunder.  Not only did my non-functioning hard drive contain all my pedigree research information, painstakingly collected over the course of the last FIVE years, it also had the ONLY copy of my address book (email AND snail-mail addresses).  It had copies of all the stories I had beta-ed and those that I was in the process of beta-ing.  It contained every single paper I had typed for my son in the past three years.  It had receipts, passwords, product keys and download codes for everything I'd purchased and downloaded over the internet for YEARS.  I could look at my Outlook Express folders and tell you who I had sent WHAT and WHY for the past four years.

Bye bye Netscape bookmarks (collected over the past three or four years).  Adios pictures by the HUNDREDS.  Bon voyage phone numbers.  Sayonara Internet bulletin board and chat room logins.  Toodles logins for three different equine registrys.  Ciao list of birthdays and past gifts.  See what I mean when I said MY LIFE was on that hard drive???  So, you're cleverly asking yourself, how's the silly twit updating LiveJournal?  Laptop, dear Watson, Laptop.  Unfortunately, the silly twit didn't have the foresight to copy ANY of the MOST IMPORTANT files from one computer to the other, primarily due to her overwhelming belief in the integrity of Western Digital Hard Drives.  After all, we have a 1GB WD Caviar in the old 486 that is STILL functioning.  Who would've thought that the comparatively new 30GB would croak sooner than that poor old thing?  Obviously, anyone with HALF a brain would've at least contemplated the possibility and used some back up facility - quite unlike the silly twit.

So, dear friends, here I sit ... blonde, graying, and more convinced than ever that Alzheimer's is beginning to rear its ugly head.  My apologies to anyone who thought I'd died or just forgotten them - the stupid laptop is not the easiest thing in the world to type on, and the kids have messed it up six ways from Sunday - what with all the Kazaa Lite, MySpace and other junk.  I'm not a happy camper ... the children (except for the occasional visitor) are getting kicked off this machine and will be forced to hook up the 'Dude You Gotta Dell' downstairs.  I am working on replacing the other 'puter, and trying to find a data recovery company to see if we can suck ANYTHING usable off that old hard drive.  In the meantime, anyone who reads this, please send me your email addy - to ... I need to start rebuilding my info base just in case!  Thank you all for understanding; after all, I am handicapped ... I was BORN blonde!!!!


[Not that I REALLY believe that hair color exonerates anyone from the responsibility inherent with being able to breathe and talk, but so many jokes are out there, I figured I'd have one at my own expense!]

[Unfortunately, I lost my nifty quote files too ... and I really worked hard those ... GAK, I SUCK!]
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