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Oh, forgot I'm not on the radio, am I? Nor am I at sea ... well, does slightly distressed at home count as a reason to send out a "May Day?" Probably not. And, I'm not really that stressed out anyway. Not compared with usual. I get my LIFE back tomorrow ... YIPPIE SKIPPY!! The company retrieving the remnants of my old hard drive called Friday to let me know that they are sending it out and it should arrive tomorrow. I can hardly wait!

It has been quite disconcerting to go searching for some bit or another that I could have sworn I had, only to find it missing and realize that it was on the OLD hard drive. With any luck whatsoever, I should receive most of it in the form of files and things of that nature that I can recognize and simply integrate with the programs I've already installed on this hard drive. Of course, there's that stupid word again ... "luck." "Luck" and I don't get along most times, it seems.

Well, cross fingers for me friends ... I'm gonna need a little of other people's luck to get this all put back together again, but I think it might work. Time, as always, will tell. After all, they DID say that they were able to retrieve 95% of what I told them I needed, sooooooo .... who knows?

[Thanks to Jordan, it was a relatively peaceful, quiet weekend for me .. I'm just sorry he had to do all that driving, especially all the way from IL ... but I appreciate it ENORMOUSLY, nonetheless!]
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