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OMFG ...

I just typed a really concise, informative, introspective journal update detailing my problems today. With more speed than it took to type the first paragraph, I also managed to delete it, inadvertently. I sooooo suck today.

Add to that the fact that my ADD is running rampant again. I've managed to offend completely without intent merely by being unable to accurately judge facial expression and vocal tones. This has been a life-long problem, but I seem to be screwing up more than usual lately.

Perhaps it is because I've been in more physical contact with others lately? I'm beginning to think that someone like myself, whose ADD is just barely manageable at best, is better off staying home and confining herself to places like the internet ... where one can be forgiven for taking words at face value, and reactions to words are tempered by the time it takes to write them out. The more I think about it, the more I like my daughter's phrase: "hermitude." Sounds like a good idea to me right now!!

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