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Thank whatever higher power exists ....

... that I have Todd and Melanie in my life. My 'puter is ALL BETTER now! Todd installed the new power supply, and we discovered that it was a good thing that I didn't get upset with the place I bought the case and power supply from. When he took the dead one out, we noticed that it wasn't the power supply that came with the case - Melanie had swapped it with a bigger one that she had laying around. Oops!

But its finer than frog's hair now, so all is right in my world once more! My 'puter is like my car/truck/vehicle; when its sick, I don't feel so great (picture an evil ET, kicking stuff out of the way and muttering to myself). I'm just generally not very much fun when either thing is out of commission. I think it has something to do with:

  • Growing up and living in the country; the nearest store is over 4 miles away. Not that I really want to go anywhere, but there's this trapped feeling when I don't have the means to go if I need/want to. I guess my shrink would call it a 'control issue,' and I suppose he'd be right!
  • Then there's the communication issue. I hate being out-of-touch with what's going on in the world. I probably knew more about the hurricanes than the residents living in the affected areas - that's how much news I watch/read. I also like to keep an eye on how things are going for my Internet friends, even if I can't make myself communicate with them directly (I know, sounds TOTALLY psycho, right?). Hey, its me, deal w/it ... or not ... I've tried to change myself at many points along my checkered path and it just doesn't work.

Now, if I could just remember what project I was about to start on before I had that little problem, I might be able to actually ACCOMPLISH something. Nah, that would be too much like ... being organized? Being productive?? I don't know - I think I'll quit rambling and get some sleep. Sounds like a plan, doesn't it?

[Goodnight Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are!]

P.S. Is this any better for length Reid?? :-)

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