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Random Bits of Useless Information

  • I haven't slept for 31 hours straight
  • My toilet is FINALLY fixed!! Oh, the joy of using my own bathroom!
  • I had to spend two hours trying to help a kid find his roommate to get the keys to their apartment ... BEFORE I got any sleep
  • I still have cramps
  • I got my migraine meds refilled!
  • Jess's friend Aaron is still here
  • But he's getting ready to leave soon
  • I sold a magazine for $10.00 last night, but the person didn't want to spend the extra 2.00 per item to use the Buy It Now for the other magazines she bid on ... oh, well.
  • I'm probably going to bed after Aaron leaves and not getting up again until 4:30PM
  • I have to get to Meijer and get the stuff I need for dinner at Grandma's tomorrow. MUST NOT forget the pie shells and REAL WHIPPED CREAM! The "old folks" only use Cool Whip, which (to me) has ALWAYS, since its very inception, had a chemical taste.
  • Yes, Virginia, I can remember when there was NO SUCH THING AS COOL WHIP! I'm really old, huh?
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