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It seems that fortune has smiled upon at least one person in this family. In the course of the past 7 days, Steven shot his first deer and is now on the brink of acquiring his "dream" car. Too bad Brandon left when he did .... we now have the funds to be able to 'front' him that money I offered him for a better car ... but, of course, he couldn't stand the conditions here long enough to get this far. Strange ... first Maureen emails me out of the blue, then Sierra calls me - equally 'out of the blue' - makes me wonder what's being said (but not TOO much, so don't worry ... I'm STILL not reading anyone else's journals). I couldn't stop myself from asking about Sierra's contact with Brandon, though. That just proves to me that, given the opportunity (or the necessity), I would be back in the middle of all that drama only too readily. It also points out just how right I am to stay away from it as much as possible. If they need, truly need, anything, I am here for them. I just cannot have that intense, regular contact with their everyday lives like I used to. Not a healthy thing for me, that's for sure!

On a somewhat brighter note ... Nik started his new job last night. Will is on his way up from the Southwest and will probably crash with us until he gets his bearings. So, we will still have people in and out of the house, just not people "here" as much as before. From what Nik says, Will has an interview already scheduled at the Outback in Novi, so he will probably end up employed soon after he gets here. Mark got a little "dig" in at Nik last night about the job thing, but Nik took it with much better grace than someone else might have. Besides, unlike someone else, at least we all know how hard Nik has been pounding the pavement LOOKING for work.

I'm going to busy myself cleaning and packing more baskets today. I should start listing some of them as well .... Christmas is just around the corner and that dress Jess wants for prom (just in case she has a date) isn't a cheap one, that's for damn sure! With the influx of money from the sale of some of the company assets, we will at least have enough to be semi-comfortable until next June. By then, since we were paid so little last year, in comparison with previous years, we should be getting another hefty refund from the Feds. That should be enough to get us by until MSK's little side project grows legs and starts earning something. Hope springs eternal, anyway.

Time to get the kids to school. Hopefully, I'll have a pic of the car to put up later, in case anyone reading this is into classic cars .... 1968 GTO ... as close as I'll ever get to my misspent youth again in this life.

[hasta despues]

P.S. Note to any kids reading this ... that light is still always on, you know which one, right?

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