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It's hhheeeeerrrreeeee!!!!!!

Anyone reading this can see from the picture (or the picture on my user info page) that we got the car today. We had to have Lane drive it over, though, since Nicholas had too much else to do to even drive me into Holly. Turns out it was just as well. The car's battery was so dead it wouldn't take a charge, so we had to put Lane's dad's battery in it. THAT battery was so dead that we had to jump it from MY truck. Add to that the fact that they didn't swap out the linkage after all, and I didn't really feel comfy driving it with the possibility of stalling the thing and not being able to get it home. So, Lane got to drive his car to the High School (for the first time) to get the kids, and he got to drive it to our place for me ... one last 'cruise.' I really feel bad for the kid, since I know the gaping hole in one's heart caused when you have to walk away from a ride like that - but I am EVER so happy to have it here!!!!!!!!

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