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Life keeps getting calmer ...

So, Nicholas is moving to TEXAS?? Wow, what a break for him, Missa and Gideon!!!! I sincerely wish all of them the best of luck in their move and settling into their new lives in the "southland." I will miss the sporadic visits and hilarious stories, but this is such a wonderful opportunity for all of them that he would be foolish to pass it up. Another chapter in our lives, coming to an end, but a wholly pleasant, nice 'end.' Especiallly if all of his hopes do pan out ... especially if he DOES get into that Art school he wants to attend. That will be the best opportunity of all - so I wish him nothing but the best life has to offer.

The boy may tell 'tales' sometimes, but he has NEVER failed to do it in the most engaging fashion possible. After all this time, and the apologies he offered both myself and Jessica, I have long since forgiven him for his behavior toward her 'back in the day.' Besides, in view of other people's deceit and effrontery, Nicholas almost looks like a choir boy in comparison! Yes, I can find it quite easy to forgive him his carelessness where my child was concerned, if only because he seems to still be having such a hard time figuring out how to manage his own life. I feel badly about that, but I still hope for better things for him and his little family.

Good luck Nik, I'll miss you!
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